Ensenada Interactive Map

ensintmap Started the Ensenada Interactive Map a few years ago as a humble attempt to plot points of interests for residents and visitors.   Click above image to access site map.  And yes, I am open to and in need of more spots, improved info and r.i.p./d.e.p. news.  Valle de Guadalupe seems to change weekly.

As commentators have mentioned, the initial image above is a flustercluck of icons crowding Ensenada Centro.  Click on one of the icons in Legend menu, right side to view an image like this(restaurants)…


Click additional check boxes on legend menu to add to view, such as Tacos and Mariscos for more….


To access Valle de Guadalupe, either drag map down to access north. OR click the “legend” icon title of the legend menu to collapse that menu.  Hiding behind the legend menu exposes the +/- ZOOM tool.  If somewhat familiar with online maps, zooming in and out assists your search perspective.


Zoom in for better navigation…


Click on any icon to expose a hyperlink(if the title is underlined, like Adobe Guadalupe example below).

ensintmapadobeguad          ensintmapicon

Click that title/hyperlink to open details on that spot’s website/facebook page/photo…

Comments, additions, corrections and updates needed and welcomed.  The map link is always on left side of this site, just below the photo icon.



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