Ensenada Trip and Bag Report


Long travel day, Ensenada Trip Report and top ten highlights from a bag day:

1.My travel day adventure started in Lake County Florida 3AM PDT.  Julia de Carolina Norte, gracias, was my limo driver for a 2 hour trip to Tampa International Airport.   Carr-on bag, laptop bag and Club Glove golf travel bag are along for the ride. The United terminal, TSA and the vendors at Tampa are fairly sleepy at 9AM east coast time.  UA asked for free bag check volunteersc for carry-ons and I happily gave up my small carry-on bag here.  Caught a bit of sleep in 37F seat avoiding the southern sun on the 2 hour TPA-IAH flight.

2.Houston to San Diego flight highlights were no middle seat occupant for extra elbow room and an aborted San Diego landing as we come through the clouds.  You know something is up when descending through the clouds amidst the downtown San Diego buildings on approach and the Airbus accelerates, climbs and you are past Lindbergh Field and headed out to the Pacific.  Landed after another 15 minute loop.  While others collect luggage from overhead bins, traveler catches my laptop bag tumbling from overhead bin to keep it from crashing on someone’s head.  “Oops, sorry.  Whose bag is this?”.  That belongs to 32A.  It was a good catch by the guy.


Golf bag is safely at home, including my bathroom kit. TSA always inspects my golf bag, leaving me a love note inside, or in this case, special TSA tape.


3.In my sleep deprived fog, I quickly collected my small carry-on bag and Club Glove golf travel bag and was on the shutcctle to my car within 30 minutes of landing.  Home, here I come!  Holditrighthere Doc! United Airlines calls me to let me know that I have stolen some poor guys clubs and that mine, in an identical royal blue bag are waiting for me.  Thanks goodness to the kind United chap, “Rob”, for agreeing to meet me at the curb and swap stix.  Met the guy whose clubs I picked up by mistake, and he could not have been nicer, even thanking me for getting back to him so quickly.  Good karma ccccontinues.  Wonder if the other guy would have liked my Taylor/Titleist/Cleveland equipment?

4. Stopped at Safeway in Imperial Beach for quick groceries, as my frig at home has not seen me in 40 days.  As I was throwing the grocery 3-4 bags in my car in parking lot, guy comes running up to me with 2 bags I had forgotten at register.  Nice guy gets my thanks.  Climb in my car and another guy retrieving grocery carts asks me if the bag he is holding is mine?  In my thanks to car park guy #1, that positive distraction had me leave another small bag in the cart.  How many people does it take to help me grocery shop???  Thank you!!!


5. Tijuana border traffic was backed up to the 805 overpass on I5 and moving slowly southbound.  When did they block off middle row of Mexican inspection lanes?  Because I normally move to the right hand lanes southbound to head to TJ Playas, I have not noticed this.  Those closed lanes plus rush hour traffic plus the Chaparral Rio bridge closure for construction made for a 30 minute delay.  Saw big, demonstrative hand gestures and screaming between border crosser pulled over for inspection with luggage bags opened and contents being scrutinized by Mexican border team.  It has been almost 2 years since I have been inspected southbound.


TJ border crossing map, spring 2016, by Bajadock

6. Traffic was slow, but, orderly as drivers allowed every other vehicle to “sift” into the 3 lanes on the ramp to HEROES(Sign 1 above) and the 2 lane ramp to TJ Playas, Rosarito and Hwy1 Cuota(toll road along ocean/Sign 2 above).  The detour is EZ, no prob, better signs than before detour.  Just before the big hill westbound an Avenida Internacional, the 2 lanes shift to their normal position along the TJ River border .  There are more window and car washers on the temporary TJ River bridge crossing than I have ever seen before.  One industrious dude is holding a garbage bag collecting car traevlers’ trash in exchange for tips.

7. Happy to see so many Mexican coins in a bag that I keep in Pontiac Vibrator for the 3 toll booths on the way to Ensenada.  I never keep coins at home as the only time I need coins is when traveling or shopping.


8. Above map shows a surprising new ditch, likely a utility dig for some reason, across from the new Pemex gas station at Playa Hermosa.  I came through just after 8PM in the dark and happy to follow knowing drivers slowing for this invisible ditch.  2 orange cones, non reflective, mark this hazard.  BEWARE.  Garbage bags from the beach are flying around the road like little ghosts.

9. I stop for Pacifico beer at the Grupo Model Agencia.  Guy knows me and starts to put the beer in a bag.  “No necesito un bolsa, gracias amigo!”.

10. Arrive home at 9PM PDT, haul the grocery bags, luggage and my small picnic cooler bag that I keep in my car.  Used my cooler bag for cheese, Italian sausage and some veggies at Safeway.  As I was very ready to open a bottle of refreshment, I struggled to find an opener in its usual spot in a kitchen drawer.  In that cooler bag, I had stored a new tool, which was a Christmas gift from good friends.  Say hello to my little friend…


This little guy and my couch are very pleasant sights.


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