San Quintin Lobster Fiesta

By owning more than a thousand pieces of lobster, municipal officials assured a subject in the delegation of San Quintin, after surprise when the red light of a traffic light went on board a van.
The driver of the vehicle carrying the sea product, apparently from illegal sources, was identified as Manuel “N”, 55 years, which became available to the Public Ministry of Federal Jurisdiction (Ampff).
Information released by the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM) indicates that at 04:00 pm, officers were conducting a surveillance tour, when observed transit mobile unit panel type, white color, model 1996, with plates Baja California South.
The van moved by road stopping at the red light, so quickly they intercepted the crew to interview him ; inspecting the back, they found cartons containing 150 thousand pieces of lobster.
As a result, the police proceeded to put under arrest the adult suspect, to deliver next to the vehicle and the goods to the appropriate authorities who will determine their legal status.
The last assurance lobster, occurred early last February, in the delegation of San Vicente. It was just over 320 kilos of sea product, which was transported in 18 cardboard boxes used to pack asparagus.
The load was found by the Mexican Army, assigned to the 67 Infantry Battalion, a GMC van, white, abandoned on a dirt road toward the security post near Llano Colorado.
Bajadock: More bugs on the run….


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