Conchas Fiesta 2015

CONCHAS 2016 is this SUNDAY, April 3: So sad that I can’t be there for this fiesta.  And too bad that the weather will be horrible again with blue skies and 73F degrees.  SALUDOS.  Reposting my review of 2015 Conchas…

It had been 3 years since my last Conchas y Vino Nuevo Fiesta experience.  WTF have I been doing?  This year’s fiesta at Hotel Coral last Sunday, 12 April, was the best flavor experience I have ever had in my life.  And, no, I do not eat the majority of my food from a box or a can.

The open space just south of the Hotel Coral Marina boat turned into the world’s best seafood restaurant for a few hours.

Just a guess, but with 2,000 visitors, that is 2,000 plates minimum(and likely more) that each of the restaurants had to prepare.  There were at least 40 restaurants and approx the same number of wineries present.  Uve Restaurante’s abalone ceviche nudged out Deckman’s and a handful of others for my favorite flavors.  If you like shellfish and ceviche do not ever miss the Conchas event.  It is usually first week in April every year.  Tickets at

Here is my photo album of tapas of the day.  click to expand to full size

conchas15abulon conchas15clambread conchas15cocktail

conchas15deckman conchas15grill conchas15malva

conchas15mangoclam conchas15mussel conchas15ostionverde

conchas15musselprep conchas15pulpo conchas15south


If you are lucky enough to have friends with a yacht, you are lucky enough.  THANKYOUSOVERYMUCH D & W.  Also thanks to K for smuggling services.


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