Ensenada Best Fish Tacos

Bajadock: These are also mapped on Ensenada Interactive Map, icon located left side of this site.  

el-mexicano ENSENADA.-by calls from listeners and “likes” on Facebook page Fiesta Mexicana Ensenada 97.9 FM, was given an award for taqueria Tacos Floresta after fans the vote as the best fish tacos around the port.

The mechanics was very simple, listeners called and felt what was for them the best taqueria Ensenada, but not any taqueria, but one that specialize in fish tacos, as these are an icon of this city.

The calls were counted in hundreds and “likes” in thousands, but then were taken the most voted taquerías and three candidates were made, leaving at the end Tacos Fénix, El Nuevo Jaliscience and tacos Floresta, however in the end the latter was the winner with a very short margin.

Nuevo Jaliscience:

tacosnuevojaliscience Hwy 1, 700 yds south of Hwy 3, east side


Tacos El Fenix:



fishsymbol  Tacos Floresta:



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