Uber Wine Valley

Bajadock: July 2015 article.  Anyone know of more Uber wine valley details, reviews?  The defense from traditional transportation in Tijuana and Ensenada VS UBER is strong.

Uber Tijuana link


Foodies and wine connoisseurs rejoice, your private driver to Valle de Guadalupe has arrived.


You now have the option to request a personal driver to stay with you while you tour Valle de Guadalupe. Now you and your friends can enjoy a day of wine tasting and the convenience of Uber. Request valleX for parties up to four and valleXL for parties up to six.valle_app


  • Request ‘valleX’ or ‘valleXL’ and you’ll be paired with a driver for the day
  • Get comfortable and make your way to Baja’s wine country
  • Leave your belongings in your car and enjoy yourself
  • Call or text your driver by using your app, your driver will be waiting for you in the parking lot
  • Enter a new location into your app and the driver will automatically be updated with your next destination
  • The driver will end the trip upon your request


  • valleX and valleXL will be available everyday 24/7. It’s up to you to decide when and where you want to go!
  • You will be able to see valleX and valleXL as an option in your app if you are within Tijuana.
  • You can stop the tour whenever you want. There’s no limit to the time or distance on valleX or valleXL trips, just a minimum fare.
valleX RATES
Per Mile $0.64
Per Minute $2.50
Minimum Fare $825
Cancellation Fee $35


 valleXL RATES
Per Mile $0.78
Per Minute $2.65
Minimum Fare $925
Cancellation Fee $45

Typically, you’ll see fares as low as $825 MXN roundtrip including an hour and a half of wait time when you request valleX and $925 MXN for valleXL. From that low fare you’ll see $150 MXN per extra hour of wait time. The fare will depend on the length of your trip and distance.

A full day of touring Valle de Guadalupe roundtrip from Tijuana (including approximately 5 hours of wait time) will cost you around $1,130 MXN for valleX and $1,580 MXN valleXL, that’s less than or around $100 US dollars for your private driver to Baja’s wine country.



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