Tijuana Border Detour Mar-Apr 16



From our eyewitness accounts, Tijuana Avenida Internacional closed for construcion today, 29 March.  “10 days” is the estimate.  HAH!

Northbound to USA, take Calle Segunda(Blue on above maps).  Segunda becomes one way eastbound in centro TJ.

Southbound to Rosarito, Ensenada, take Calle Tercera(Green, 1 way west bound).  Following your border crossing south, stick left at the closed bridge(red X) and hop on the bridge to “HEROES”.  Within 1/8 mile, bear left for Calle Tercera via a 270 degree loop(top photo).

Tercera dead ends forcing you to jog one block north, catching Segunda where it is a 2 way street.  Proceed straight to the ocean and Hwy 1.

+thx to reporter JF in centro TJ, allow plenty of extra time.  Rush hour morning and night will pack these routes.


For our more advanced students, let me recommend the Free Road, Northbound and Southbound.


Northbound access to Free Road is just north of Rosarito Comercial Mexicano.  It will dump you at Cuauhtemoc ( big Aztec Chief ) roundabout in TJ.



Southbound, on HEROES, after approx 1 mile, and just north of Big Chief CHUEY, is a sign for the Free Road.  Dumps you at Hwy 1/Toll Road at Rosarito Walmart.  BUTTT!, construction on Hwy 1 southbound ramp forces a U turn here and approx 200 yds of jogging back north.  No big deal, just follow all of the U-ey turners at Wmart.



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