Easter Week Border Waits


10am report of 2hr40min Ready Lane this morning at 10AM, 22 Mar 2016.  52 minutes regular lanes, 8 min SENTRI:



Border Wait Times App and website


Same as was observed yesterday in the Otay, at the crossing to the United States by the San Ysidro border crossing, traffic lasted for several kilometers provbocando long lines on the road fast East, the International avenue and several roads of the delegation Zona Centro.

This was seen during the weekend, the festive “bridge” in Mexico when being celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Benito Juarez as the beginning of Holy Week, and this occurred an exodus of buyers to the American Union, and arrival and return of tourists to various destinations in Baja California.

This Monday morning, on a tour Border News Agency (AFN) on the fast track referred from the so-called “Black Bridge” to the international line hundreds of motorists were seen queuing to return to their homes as potential buyers.

It is estimated that the problem of traffic congestion in both areas gatehouse be part of the daily stage during this Week.

Agents Municipal Traffic Department carried out operations of routes and roads closures to help congestion affecting as little as possible to other motorists.



TIJUANA During week vacation we know beforehand that go to the United States will be a challenge of patience and this Easter is no exception, during the weekend long lines to cross into San Diego were made ​​to see and Monday yet continue.

About 600 people are queuing to cross into San Diego walking, while there is a line to cross by car between 200 and 280. It may not be a good idea to cross today and less in these hours.

Here we leave some photos of how the row is Monday afternoon.

San Ysidro

Photo: Karin Ramirez

Photo: Shannen OrtegaGarita Otay

Line reaches even side of the Municipal League Baseball Children and Youth Tijuana airport by road.Photos: Shannen OrtegaMore news SanDiegoRed.com

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– See more at: http://www.sandiegored.com/noticias/72690/Largas-filas-en-garitas-de-Otay-y-San-Ysidro-tras-inicio-de-Semana-Santa/#sthash.bOAIJSL9.dpuf


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