How I Chose Baja


My neighborhood, just south of Ensenada, photo by Bajadock, 8 miles up the hill.

  • December 1975  Fort Lauderdale, wrote “how can I hang near the beach and afford it?”.
  • August 2005, said adios to my 22 year Denver sales career with idea of relocating and finding new job.  Made the decision after 2 fabulous vacations on water in May 05, Deerfield Beach, FL(Thanks K) and June 05 Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia(Thanks P&J).
  • September 2005, Ucluelet, Vancouver, British Columbia, saw my first whale spout.  Oooh, Aaah.  Made commitment to live somewhere on the Pacific Ocean.  Took a hunk of Ucluelet lava rock with me.  That rock now sits on my fireplace shelf.
  • January 2006, T invited me to join him for a trip to Panama.  Will never forget conversation with friends in Volcan, Panama D&Y:”For $2,000/monthUSD, you can almost live like royalty in Panama.”.lehighwinter
  • my last winter in Colorado, 2006, view from my front patio
  • Feb-May 2006, while remodeling my Colorado home during day, spent evenings interwebbing my way through Latin America as possible next spot.  Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Belize…all the usual suspect expat areas were thoroughly vetted via the net.
  • May 2006:  Suddenly came upon Baja’s Pacific coast for ideal weather and affordable living.  Happened on to the old Amigos board and Baja Nomad getting some good advice from T and a few others.
  • 14753eastlehigh80014
  • June 2006: Sold my 1989 911 Targa and lots of household stuff.  One craigslist buyer of railroad tie timbers asked about my move plan and I mentioned Baja as possibility.  His reaction: “Baja?  That’s nothin but desert and rocks!”.  House goes on market July 1.
  • August 31, 2006: One day after financial house closing and mortgage burning ceremony, drove west for my first Baja adventure.  Stops in Vail, SLC(thx cuz) and San Diego(thx bean) were fun.  tjcrossingold
  • First time ever to Mexico crossing at Tijuana was September 6.  Got the red light.  Funniest thing was guy that was fascinated with my Specialized Mountain Bike and my snowshoes.  The snowshoes were in my car(Jeep Cherokee) as I had forgotten about clearing out Colorado home’s front entry closet at last minute.  No time to throw in storage.  Thoroughly enjoyed my ride down the coast.
  • hotelelcid
  • Got a room at Hotel El Cid in Ensenada for 3 nights for real estate exploration.  Nada.
  • Spent 3 nights in San Quintin look at lots in Pedregal.  Loved the setting.  Learned that my timing of missing hurricane john on Sept 3 was lucky.  Met Rafael Orendain and toured his gorgeous property.
  • Drove to La Paz and explored a few spots along the way.  Only spent 1 night in La Paz.  At 103F in September, had to get back to cool Pacific side.
  • After a few more nights in Ensenada soaking up the local scene, headed north back to Colorado, tail between legs and homeless.
  • Received call from Ensenada realtor that I missed.  “When are you coming back?”.  Flew back to San Diego, bussed to Ensenada and hello Hotel El Cid. puertoescondidojan2912
  • September 22, 2006.  After touring the Punta Banda area w/ realtor and on way back to Ensenada, “I think I want to buy a lot.”.  At Las Cazuelas restaurant we made a contract using back of biz cards and napkins.  Wrote a check for down payment on my lot.
  • Rented Punta Banda apartment, hired construction crew, designed my own home using Plan 3D and inspected construction daily.  Moved in September 20, 2007.
  •  pubmainflpubconcretepour pubfront12


  1. Posted March 14, 2016 at 18:10 | Permalink | Reply

    Nice to read and see how it all came about and congratulation
    Doc for making your dream come true!

    • bajadock
      Posted March 15, 2016 at 04:02 | Permalink | Reply

      Took me longer than most, MTT, as I am a slow learner. Cheers to health and happiness.

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