Point Break Cafe San Diego


Lucked into Point Break Cafe on Shelter Island San Diego a couple of weeks ago.  Was wandering around the neighborhood at 7AM searching for coffee, wifi internet and a comfy spot that might offer decent food.


I was in my Pontiac Vibrator and upon entering the cramped parking lot, could not discern an entrance.  There was a door on what looked like a storage shed or the dishwasher’s back door exit.  Yep, that brown thing, photo left, is your red carpet welcome to Point Break.  No “no shoes, no service”, no “Irish need not apply”, no “Montgomery Ward credit cards accepted”.


Point Break Cafe oozes 1965 with some vinyl seating, couches, an old juke box and plenty of surfing and fishing props decorating the walls.

Tanya, my server, met me this very quiet Saturday morning and served solid coffee and a menu.  She also left me alone to do my usual internet morning ritual.

By 8am, some regulars and a few tourists starting coming in for breakfast or their bar wakeup elixir.


This is the kind of spot that offers both quiet solitude and a chance to interact with locals on their tales of fishing expertise, romantic drama or the events of the day in San Diego.  There are also several televisions, which I normally don’t like for my morning mind fog.  But, all were on low volume with San Diego’s news.

Saw plenty of families with small kids enjoying their breakfasts.


My breakfast choice was the Popeye scramble with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, onion and feta cheese.  Black beans are a favorite, so now I am a happy breakfast breaker here.  Notice that the spinach was tossed into the scram for just a few seconds to maintain its fresh shape?


Outdoor dining is also available.

I enjoyed the staff, the setting and the food so much, that I returned Sunday morning for more.  Love funky dining vs. sterilized, ikea furnished clone coffee shops in strip malls.

The constant whirring coffee grinders and shrieking lattecarmelamokey la de da machines grates like cat nails on a black board in those typical chain cafes.  It took me 40 years to learn I needed a “barista” to provide me a perfect cup of Joe.  Imagine all of those wasted years of settling for a server, waitperson or the dishwasher to pour me a decent coffee.  Barista bichista!  Just get me coffee without a disertation on why your MBA or PHD were special training to pour bean juice.  Gadzooks!

And thanks to Tanya and staff for treating me well.  See you soon Point Break.


Point Break Cafe rates 5 out of 5 spinach eating Popeyes.  5popeyes

Bajadock’s Dive Dining Criteria:

  1. Unique atmosphere
  2. Bar stools
  3. Unique or ethnic food…ok, some would call Point Break’s food simple comfort food.  But the simplicity was so well executed, my taste buds were tangoing today.  No flowers, swirls or glitter on these plates.
  4. Seats less than 100.
  5. Several items on menu less than $10USD.



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