Tijuana Dinner in Sky

Bajadock: this fad of having cranes lift dining platforms above ground is growing.  How are the bathroom breaks negotiated?  “Dropped my fork”, “cracked pepper”, “extra lime”, “more ice” and other variables must be very limiting.  How is the tableside Caesar salad?  The dining experience must be on par with airline food, phooo!  Anyone out there do this?  What is next, scuba dining with the sharks?  Catch your own sushi and dine 50 feet below surface? Prefer a hot air balloon with wine and cheese.

El Mexicano

Tijuana- This Border city will host one of the most innovative attractions in the country and has caused a buzz in Mexicali and the Valle de Guadalupe, “Dinner in the Sky” present in April in the facilities of Caliente Racetrack hand of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (Canirac) Tijuana-Tecate.

President Canirac Tijuana-Tecate, Miguel Angel Badiola, said the event promises to be a unique dining experience and will be attended by 19 renowned chefs of the city among which are Martin San Roman de La Rotisserie, Jordana Rooms Oh Bon Bon, Oswaldo flowers of Crete, Bernardo González of machine 65, Giovanny Brassea Smoke Ryan Steyn Garden Adobo, Jose Figueroa de La Carmelita, Erick Alcazar West Coast, Fermín baths Flavors, Marco Rodriguez of La Justina, Manuel Julian Al Gusto, Luis Enrique Moreno of Andares, Gianina Gavaldón Olivia, Navio Julio Rodriguez, Rodolfo Luviano of Tacosteño, Fernando Acosta of The Rib Shop, Karla Navarro The Kitchen and Jonathan Pando Hot Dog Factory.

3 meals a day are served at a table adapted by European engineers who hold 22 diners at 45 meters high, offering three times the length of each meal is approximately one hour thirty minutes, starting on April 2 and ending tentatively 30 of the same month, with the possibility of a stay which will be subject month to demand that this attraction.

“We are very proud that the House (CANIRAC), part of such attractions and gastronomic offers innovative that provide a different face of the city and generate a greater flow of visitors and local diners, Caliente Group will host of this attraction which makes us once again spearheading Tijuana entertainment for the world, “said Miguel Angel Badiola, President of CANIRAC Tijuana-Tecate.


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