Palenque Crime Investigation

Closing of Trade and alcohols operated the site where Palenque Poker. Photography: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex / 24enero2016

Closure of Trade and alcohols operated the site where Palenque Poker
Photography: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex / 24enero2016

Ensenada, BC- The inspectors were not able to get along the way they did that night. And justified the Municipal Government of Ensenada, why they not suspend illegal activities with alcohol included, which were made into the famous “Palenque Poker” on January 23, 2016, when an assault was recorded with weapons fire of various calibres, later the Ministry of State Security said, was directed against members of the Arellano Felix Cartel (CAF).

Derived from the firefight, they killed four people, two adults and two minors. Angel Osvaldo Pérez Camacho 11 years; Omar Alexis Perez Pucheta 16; Iñiguez angel 22; and Carlos Verdugo Rodriguez, 34. There were more than a dozen wounded.

It was considered the second most violent act in this county, after the slaughter that occurred in El Sauzal, on September 17, 1998, which had a balance of 19 victims, and is also linked to drug trafficking.

Weeks before what happened in the other Palenque also linked to narco occurred in the area of ​​Ojos Negros, and left a toll to 4 people dead, including two minors incident. Adam Delgado Rojas 17; Angel Eduardo Rico Arce 12; Victor Arce Poblano 27; Sergio Poblano Castro and 36, were found dead within 2 vehicles.

That is, four children shot dead in a span of just over 3 months in this county the safest state according presumed local authorities.

Returning to the incident “Palenque Poker”, one of the things that has not explained the municipal authority, is that really inspectors XXI Hall almost never reviewed the dozens of previous events that took place there with alcohol, crossings including betting and presence of minors. And if they came to do, they forgot to leave record of it, which would imply a double fault and possible acts of corruption.

Only there are two events cockfighting events in the “Palenque Poker” which has registered the government of Gilberto Antonio Hirata Chico, and neither of these events include the crossing of betting.

In fact, the “Palenque Poker” is not registered in the direction of trade, alcohols and public spectacles. That is, the business does not exist as such.

Explains the director of Commerce XXI Hall Hans Appel Lafarga, permission to events cockfighting is granted on an individual basis, effective the day of the event. And those carried out at the premises of “Palenque Poker” just two, without the business name is included.

The only two events that were legally made there were:

– An exhibition of cockfighting bet without crossing on Saturday August 29, 2015, authorized to Alberto Amador Márquez.

– An exhibition of cockfighting bet without crossing on Saturday January 16, 2016, authorized to Ismael Fierro Valencia.

And that’s all that say there.

For some people this might be ridiculous, particularly for those attending Saturday after Saturday events were held there steadily before and during the administration of Hirata Chico.

Even they were distributed calendars of events between the amateur community to cockfights, and the events known as derbies every weekend were made.

Photography: Internet.
Photography: Internet.

On day 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 January 2015 derbys were made on site. In fact on 24 January was the “Traditional Derby Champions”.7, 14, 21 and 28 February 2015 derbys were also organized in this arena.Anyway, all 2015 and 2016 they reached.

The same Saturday January, February, March 2014 and the rest of the months.

It will, debuting administration Hirata was held in place Derby Guadalupe on December 7, 2013. Since then to date, every Saturday there event and no records, which means that the absence of inspectors commerce day of the shooting was not an irregular situation, but the irregularity had been the norm.

Photography: Internet.

The municipal public security management disavowed been involved in the activities of cockfighting in the “Palenque Poker” ensuring that the place had private security, and never municipal presence was required, except multihomicidio day.Municipal Civil Protection, to monitor site security, avoid overcrowding, among other things, never recorded a single event peel of roosters. There is nothing in their records from December 2013 to date.

What they have registered with Civil Protection is an event that took place in the “Palenque Poker”, processed through the director of Commerce, Alcohol and Public Entertainment Hans Appel Lafarga in incongruity (by the way) with his statements that no Palenque records this in its dependence.

This is an inspection on June 30, 2014, for submission of Javier Rosas, a grupero artist whose presentation was banned in Palenque Tijuana (along with Komander) by the City Council of the municipality in the same year 2014, because their melodies allude to violence.

The request of the director of trade for the presentation of Javier Rosas, was at the express request of the municipal official in charge of promoting tourism in Ensenada, Oscar A. Kawanishi Otaki, who besides being the organizer of the event, included the observation that would sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Oscar Kawanishi efforts by organizing the concert singer Narcocorridos in Palenque supposedly nonexistent Poker.  Photography: facsimile inspection report.

The event was scheduled on July 4, 2014 from 18:00 pm to 02: 00hrs on July 5.The presale was $ 150 pesos, $ 200 pesos box office, $ 300 pesos VIP area, but trade and alcohols it has no record.Javier Rosas was promoting “its great success in the Sierra La China and the City”, accompanied by Editing Culiacan, Barbara Aguilar, X Command North. A clear apology for violence and narco, in a place that later would have an incident linked precisely to violence and narco, endorsed and supported by the municipal government, in the administration of Hirata Chico.

It was not until after the multihomicidio day in Palenque, when Hans Appel closed the place does not have permission for the event, and sell drinks with alcohol without permission. Closing that was registered under number 189 Folio.

Inside the Poker Palenque. Photography: Internet.

And yet he says, that under the leadership responsible, “there is no permission from the poker arena known as trade”, a lie the size of the craft that he himself sealed and signed on 20 June 2014.In the event that the “Palenque Poker” did not exist, then whose it is the local name ?, or who is ?.

According to records of land and urban control, the land on which is located the Palenque is identified with PD-A33-002 land registry key and its current owner to the company Consorcio known as Enruce SA de CV.

Enruce Consortium bought the land to its former owner, Hector Lecuanda Joaquin Gomez, in an act that is formalized with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce under the heading 5,230,203.

A sale Lot 6 and 7 of the block 33, whose operation was in the amount of $ 900,000, and had the consent Lecuanda wife, Mrs. Maria Guadalupe Hernandez Ontiveros.

Lecuanda, was obtained in the same year 2011 that property, after a prolonged labor action that gave him the chance to stay with the ground after an award at auction.

That process that left the Special Board No. 40 of the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration of Tijuana, had subsequently rejected an amparo, brought by Jesus Reyes Figh, with the injured party to 3 companies. Maderas y Envases SA de CV;Inmobiliaria SA de CV Todos Santos; and Enruce Consortium SA de CV, the latter precisely which end up buying for nearly $ 1 million to own the land Lecuanda Gomez.

According to the records the director of Cadastre and Urban Control Ensenada, Gabriel Humberto Morales Rios said having that property, there are two Feasibilities Land Use one dated 18 August 2012 on behalf of Central Aceros Tijuana SA CV (Aceros Ocotlan) and another dated 18 November 2015 on behalf of Industrias Mielang S. de RL de CV. Besides a license Wrecker 3 buildings dated January 26, 2016 on behalf of Enruce Consortium SA de CV.

Like Hans Appel, Morales Rios failed to provide more information in its possession regarding the procedures of that property that exist in their offices. A constant current municipal officials government, in this and other issues.

And is that on 9 February 2015 under the docket number CU / F / 1001/013/2015, section Land Use of the Cadastre and Urban Control XXI City of Ensenada, a document signed by Rios Morales himself has a procedure not mentioned by the official.

It is conducting a feasibility land use for compatibility checking, which requested Enruce Consortium, SA de CV, a company whose partners certainly not appear in the records of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce in Baja California, It is somewhat of a ghost at least in the State company.

This company asked Cadastre and Urban Control, the feasibility for farm where is located the “Palenque Poker”, whose dimensions are 19 thousand 570 square meters, because there even pretend (or intended) activities of “CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF COURTS AND COURTS WITH TRANSFER index-linked and government offices.

The efforts of Enruce Consortium, SA de CV to build courts, courts and government offices in areas of Palenque Poker. Photography: facsimile office of the Cadastre and Urban Control.

Rios Morales confirmed to them that the proposed activity is consistent with existing land use, including support for the construction of civil courts or criminal.And while complying with all required paperwork could obtain authorization.

The status of the project for the construction of the courthouse on the site where the drug has been marked activity, is still unknown.

The links between buildings of courts, drug cartels, mayor, police, inspectors, tourism promoters, narco corridos, and a deathly silence on the slaughter occurred in the “Palenque Poker” in the local council, where they have taken the trouble none of its members even regret the fact formally, point to a high degree of corruption, lack of interest and / or cowardice of the officers on duty, mayor, aldermen and aldermen.

The incident on January 23, 2016, brought out the many omissions by the government Hirata, only in an area that apparently nobody checked. Omissions here and elsewhere that directly or indirectly led to the death of minors, who have nothing to do with the conflicts between drug traffickers, or political and economic interests at stake.

Palenque entrance Poker. Photography: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex / 24 January 2016
Palenque entrance Poker. Photography: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex / 24 January 2016

The only dependence clearly has names so far on the issue has been the Ministry of State Security, and has linked the murders of Ojos Negros with Palenque, following the arrest of Cuauhtémoc Acosta Beltran, alias “the temoc”, in late February 2016.Both attacks targeting operators CAF, Sergio Poblano alias “Bibi” in the case of Ojos Negros, and in the case of Palenque, Gabriel Ayala Fonseca alias “El Tres Animales”.


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