Ensenada Urban Art Protest

Plexmx.info Ensenada BC- On the morning of Monday 22 February 2016, the dependence of Cadastre and Urban Control gave the order, (according to sources consulted byplex ) to remove the statues placed at various points of the city, as part of a movement local art.

Among the artistic expressions that could be seen on the streets of Emiliano Zapata busts, sculptures alluding to the case of indigent “Nico” and more heart-shaped were.

In an interview we had with one of the creators of these sculptures, belonging to the Colectivo 646 who are responsible for creating such works, we explained that these interventions were in protest to draw attention to the poor infrastructure and the pitfalls that can occur in streets. “It was an effort to […] put a little reference where the streets were abused […] the Collective he did was as evidenciarlas” he said.

He said that figurines referring to the case “Nico”, were to seek and raise awareness about the homeless must also have a place and they need support.”They live in a very deplorable situation, there are times that are up naked in the street […] the fact manifest that way, it’s like putting it in evidence […] who also need support,” he said.

When asked about the position of the Collective regarding the withdrawal of the works, he said they were aware that these measures might be taken, but thought they were not going to do it, “we thought it would not happen, we are in Ensenada and could also come to pass that it wont happen”.

He said the Collective 646 was approached by the municipal government, “the government there was a little feeling because we talked on the phone at the time, we were contacted to agree with them, according to […] for a rapprochement and a dialogue, which this dialogue did not exist, we just felt all they did was to get information, “he said.

The Collective wants to achieve a dialogue with the government to succeed in creating an urban gallery, and work alternately.

Do you think that this removal of the works is a kind of “attack” to freedom of expression ?, questioned them. “Yeah, that’s for sure, how did I think it was not subtle, had no touch to do, whether we did not have permits, is not the same you to put a spectacular with an advertisement in the that is it profiting “he said.

“It is an offense for people who do not feel staff who are not trying to do to make people angry, but we’re just trying to make a civil consciousness, through artistic expression,” he said.

Colectivo 646 Facebook

fotos: Jorge Gomez / Plex


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  1. Posted February 23, 2016 at 10:25 | Permalink | Reply

    Kind of shocking and very disappointing that these were removed in this day and age.

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