Chasing Dollars

Bajadock: Nice food example of Capn Crunch cereal used for article.  Looks like 49.90mnp/2.64usd = 18.90 exchange rate at Soriana on this item.  Fine print: “Prices may vary at the current exchange rate”.

El Vigia

Given that the dollar remains high, various businesses such as supermarkets located outside the tourist area, offering their products in dollars to capture this type of currency.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), Rafael Montaño Chavez said: “This is a country that needs foreign currency, you need dollars and although it seems to do everything possible to not receive them, there are sectors who seek their collection.”

In addition to the tourist area that most prices are set in dollars, it is common for other businesses in the city, or chains of supermarkets and gas stations, seize the opportunity and offer a better exchange rate than banks or houses dedicated to exchange.

Right now, he said, for Americans spend in Mexico is attractive because its currency is worth.
“Everybody can you offer products in dollars but by order of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) should keep an eye on the exchange rate and also specify the price in pesos,” he said.

They inject resources to businesses

Rufo Ibarra Batista, delegate of the Ministry of Economy in Baja California, will this day in Ensenada to detail 10 financing plans for small and medium enterprises.

Rafael Chavez said that these are loans with an interest rate of 6 percent.

“They are different types of credits and aid, and in some cases, are lost or background, businessman or trader puts one hand and an equal amount is contributed by the Ministry of Economy,” he said.

It is also expected to be inaugurated today two businesses that were supported by the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (Inadem).


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  1. Jan
    Posted February 18, 2016 at 11:12 | Permalink | Reply

    This posting prompted me to mention something that’s going on at the San Ysidro crossing. For reasons myself and others haven’t been able to figure out the Mexican Border police are turning back people crossing into Mexico in much higher numbers that before. My friend was pulled over when crossing back into Mexico after a shopping trip. (Her tags had been stolen and she’d been a little lazy about getting them replaced) She was literally chased by an officer who refused her entry. She showed him her current registration but wasn’t getting anywhere with him. After much pleading (and a few tears…the woman has teenagers who live with her in Mexico) she was allowed to re-enter Mexico. The person who brings mail for a mail service was pulled over 3 times within the last week and the mail gone through like never before. One item was mangled by the officer. She stated that the last time she came across there was a long line of people being turned back into the US. She’s been bringing mail for several years and has never seen this before.
    Also, people bringing in furniture or other goods for their own use or for resale are being turned back and directed to the Otay crossing.
    Any thoughts about what might be changing at San Ysidro?

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