No Stinking Permits

During the show, there were clashes between fighters who were not scheduled.

Bajadock: perhaps these entertainment shows are part of the underground/informal economy?  Link to article on informal employment increase in Baja.

NICTÉ MADRIGAL / El Vigia | Ensenada, BC

How wrestling on Saturday in the gym Oscar “Tigre” Garcia was developed, he generated a number of concerns among the attendees, as in the enclosure income children even though it was selling beer was allowed.

They said that during the event a series of clashes between fighters, same as “not part of the show,” and yet, no authority intervened, except the organizers could do little arose. c

One fan told El Vigia that despite the Poker occurred in Palenque, authorities continue to allow a number of illegalities, plus it is unknown whether it is for the event had permission from the Board of Trade, Alcohol and Public Entertainment. pERMITS “ANY”

El Vigia consulted about municipal authorities and, according to Hans Appel Lafarga, head of the agency, there is “potential” permits, which are not banned children and pay-per-view bar when security and, in this particular case, was Civil Protection.

The Watcher confirmed that there are no official reports on the performance of the municipal police within the recited, although some versions say that even found that one of the participants carrying a firearm.

Despite the series of accusations that have been made, Ray Lopez, president dela Commission Box, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts in Ensenada, and the promoter of the event, Jaime Aguirre, they have not set a position nor have they denied versions.


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