Ensenada Road Improvements

Ensenada, BC – During this year, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), apply an investment of 680 million pesos in the municipality of Ensenada, to improve the road infrastructure.
Padres Alfonso Pesqueira, director of the Center SCT Baja California, noted that this amount does not include the possible investment to build the alternate highway Bajamar-El Sauzal*, work in which estimated more than one billion pesos are required.
He said to read Bypass Ensenada referred 90 million pesos, 180 million pesos to continue the modernization of the Tecate-El Sauzal road and 150 million pesos for the modernization of 16 kilometers from the Transpeninsular Highway on the south Ensenada area .
The strongest investment -precisó- time confirmed to be made in the construction of the highway connecting San Luis Gonzaga to Transpeninsular in Laguna Chapala, roads in which five bridges will be built and provide a paving of 31 kilometers.
He added that most of these buildings not only has the investment, but in the same week released the results of tenders and payments to boot the corresponding work will begin.
He stressed that there was an active participation of local companies, some of which were awarded the work in these contests, although there were others who were allied with national and regional construction companies to participate in tenders.
On alternate highway(Bajadock:* this is the proposed Bajamar to Free Road alternate to avoid the Salsipuedes fault zone on the Scenic Road), noting that already toured the stroke thereof and are acquiring rights of way, the environmental impact study was carried out and finished both processes will proceed to step resource allocation.
Whether it will be a free highway or toll Padrés Pesqueira said ignore it and this is determined by the cost-benefit study be undertaken by the Federal Government.

Written by Gerardo Sanchez, El Vigia


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