TJ Via Rapida Oriente Collapse


Tijuana Via Rapida Oriente(red line on map above) is under construction after collapse of pavement.

TIJUANA BC 12 FEBRUARY 2016 (AFN) .- A collapse in the far right lane of the Via Rapida Oriente, at the height of Tijuana bridge was recorded Friday morning.

The circulation of the  was not interrupted Via Rapida Oriente, but the damaged rail is confined.

In the area they set up preventive signs to avoid congestion while repairs are performed by personnel from the Department of Works and Urban Infrastructure Municipal (DOIUM) and State Public Service Commission of Tijuana (Cespt).

The mayor Jorge Astiazarán Orci, oversaw the repair work in the collapsed section, in order to expedite the work and ensure the safety of drivers. The existence of a gap between the connection of a storm drain and stormwater discharging sewers Tijuana River, the leak of water saturated material generating some holes that caused the collapse of a section of the road, he said.
Remain suspended road traffic on that section until early next week, when it is estimated that completion of the rehabilitation work, he said. They recommend taking precautions when driving on the road and use alternate routes during peak hours.

  • New Fast Track sinking East
  • New Fast Track sinking East
  • New Fast Track sinking East
  • New Fast Track sinking East
  • New Fast Track sinking East


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