Ensenada Spring Fiestas

Plexmx   Ensenada, BC- With events scheduled outdoors in the band shell of the Ventana al Mar in Ensenada, the Port Authority (API) in Ensenada, is inviting families to enjoy all weekends from February to April, cultural, artistic and musical activities will be held there.

This weekend the “festival of love” will be held, and there will be during the month, northern and international dance.

Scheduling sent by the API is as follows (not specified times):

13 – Festival del Amor. Participantes: Vino Tinto; Tinto Flamenco; Gustavo Rivas.
20 – Festival del Norteño. Participantes: Herederos de la Cruz; Plan de Ataque; Rivales del Norte.
27 – Danza Internacional. Participantes: SOLEA española y flamenco; NAPENDA africana; CASA DE LA CULTURA jazz.

05 – Festival de la Cumbia. Participantes: Grupo Kappuccino Xpress; Grupo Sherak’s; Grupo La Panga y sus Tripulantes.
12 – Festival del Folklore. Participantes: Casa de la Cultura; Omou Pilkuyak; Ballet IMSS Tijuana; Ballet Municipio de Ensenada.

19 – Ensenada Beer Fest
26 – Festival Talento Infantil. Participantes: Los Hermanos Rodríguez; Conga Chics; Los Freens; Harmony Dance Studio; AGE Producciones.

02 – Festival Clásico. Participantes: Orquesta Forjadores del Sauzal.

03 – Conchas y Vino Nuevo

Bajadock: thanks A.R. for prompting me on March 19 Beer Fest and April 3 Conchas.  I hope to be back in Baja for both of those after early March travels.


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