Ensenada Tourist Focus


As part of the initiative of the administration headed by Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, to consolidate Baja California as the target of major Pacific cruises and the second in Mexico, Assistant Secretary of State Tourism Ives Lelevier Gabriel Ramos, chaired the meeting of the Executive Committee of Ensenada Cruise, which was held with the participation of the Port Authority, the Cruise Terminal and the Marketing Committee of Ensenada.

At this meeting the state official reported that activities are implemented through a work plan together with tourist servers to thereby achieve the consolidation of Ensenada in target markets. These actions range from providing the Committee cruises efficient financial operation scheme and an impact of arrival at the cruise terminal, among others.

“We are working hard hand sector to increase the supply and improve the quality of services offered to visitors, so that we get more interest from the cruise and increasingly decide to descend from the boats to learn the fate “, said.

He said it is very important to establish working arrangements between authorities and entrepreneurs as tourist satisfaction is key to return to the destination.

“Much of the cruise we receive come from California and our goal is to show the destination so that choose to return by road; thus would attract a greater number of visitors not only to Ensenada, but to other destinations such as Tijuana and Playas Rosarito, “he said.

Explained in detail the work plan to follow this 2016, which includes among other things develop Back2Ensenada program a technological, modern and interactive platform, which allows better monitoring of the benefits of this program.

“We are also in the process of creating a mobile application called ‘Ens-Guide’, it will work as a guide for the passenger and may be used by pre cruise and post shipment; it is already developed in 70% and estimate to be ready in March this year to be presented during the annual “Cruise Shipping Miami” in which Baja California participates and this year will be held from 11 to 13 March, “said Lelevier Ramos, who said that these actions are aimed at making the destination a friendlier place for visitors.

He further reported that the promotional efforts prior to embarkation in the ports of origin, so that since passengers to board the vessel have to hand over information on the fate will be redoubled.

Finally, he stressed that working hard through the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion, which for Ensenada had a financial ceiling of just over 8 million during 2015 and this year will allocate at least 9.7 million pesos for promotion This figure could even be exceeded estimates derived from the good results expected in hotel occupancy of the port.

“Entrepreneurs in Ensenada that make up the Marketing Committee are designing major promotional campaigns to be carried out inside and outside the state also evaluated and supporting important events in tradition as the Baja 1000 and Harvest Festival” he concluded.


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