Scenic Road Discussion #1000?

scenick89panfoto por Bajadock

Gerardo Sanchez / El Vigia | Ensenada, BC  The Early Bird Group Ensenada(El Grupo Madrugadores) seek the support of various associations and public and private institutions to require Federal Roads and Bridges Join provide transparent and timely studies and work done on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway information.

During the weekly session of the  The Early Bird Group that agreement was established to analyze the vital importance of the toll road for productive and social activities of Ensenada and the uncertainty generated by not having clear information on the state of the roads.

The meeting was a guest Garcilaso Luis Mendoza, researcher at the Department of Seismology Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, who when asked about the issue of the fault lines of the highway said the Cicese not involved in the studies to respect.

He said that in recent years Cicese did have an interest in these analyzes, but currently Capufe makes this work with a particular company.

Therefore, he said the scientist, the Commission can not issue a technical opinion on the state of the stretch of highway in the call fault zone.

disinformation concerned

Madrugadores members of Ensenada, expressed concern about the failure to have a more precise information on the state of the road on the stretch Bajamar-San Miguel and constant resistance federal roads and bridges to provide information on the status of the roads, the work to be performed and the works pretnden perform.

In response, the local coordinator of Early Bird,  Juan Antonio Zertuche González, said that promote different groups and institutions do reach that concern both the state, municipal and federal government, so that the public has access to information to be the public domain.


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