Baja Cockfighting League

TIJUANA BC 28 JANUARY 2016 (AFN) .- As the Palenque “Poker” Ensenada (where gunmen killed four people and injured more than a dozen) are others who operate in the light of day, which have spacious facilities and receiving the presence of many “lovers” of cockfighting.

The questions are: Are they legal? Do you have the necessary permits from municipal authorities and the Interior Ministry. Which in recent days was closed in Ensenada, is said cockfighting had “illegally”

Following the events on 23 of this month in Palenque “Poker” where they were killed two children and two adults, and injured 16 attendees, AFN reviewed the topic and found that at least in Tijuana and There are around eight of those establishments is unknown if also operate illegally or clandestinely. Even one of these ensures that the owner is a former PAN deputy.

The places that have cockfights are:

1. Club Tijuana Galleros Palenque, which is located on the scenic road to Rosarito, passing the second bridge of Santa Fe

2. Palenque Las Palomas, on Blvd. 2000, before reaching 2000 Square.

3. Palenque Chatanuga in La Morita. It is located on the property where he lived “The Pozolero” Santiago Meza Lopez, who hit men under the orders the service of the Sinaloa cartel, such as El Teo, Teodoro Garcia Simental.

4. Palenque Galleros Association “El Colorado”, behind the Pantheon market Soriana Mount of Olives.

5. Palenque Sierra de Rosarito Benito Juarez Boulevard, next to El Rodeo.

6. Palenque Association of Rosarito in Rosarito Tijuana highway, where the Tundra is yonke.

7. In two other Tecate work: one in Cerro Azul and one in the urban area of ​​the city.

Allegedly, these places do not have land use permit alcohol, gambling or operating permits and enjoy the protection of the authorities of the three levels of government, allegedly. Some say that in those places the drug circulates and assists many armed men, without any authority to do anything about it.

Apparently the 2000 Palenque Tijuana, be owned by the former local PAN deputy Armando Ayon, who was in the XIV legislature.

El Palenque “Poker” in Ensenada, it went on to say that there is presence of individuals Cartel New Generation Jalisco, which has been associated with members of the Arellano Felix cartel and are faced with the operators of the Sinaloa cartel, headed by brothers Alfonso “The Achilles’ and Rene” La Rana “Arteaga Garcia.

At the time the criminal attack, attended by more than 500 people are plentiful and had children. The Attorney General of the State (PGJE), confirmed the death of four people, Carlos Verdugo Rodriguez, 34, who died in the clinic 8 Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and Angel Iniguez, 22; Pucheta Alexis Omar Perez, 16; Osvaldo Perez and Angel Camacho, 11, the latter died in the General Hospital.

Of the injured was reported that they were taken to various hospitals; others retreated on their own feet.


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  1. Juan del Norte
    Posted January 29, 2016 at 11:52 | Permalink | Reply

    Looking forward to Palenque visiting on my next trip! Juan delNorte.

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