Scenic Cracks Are No Prob

Gerardo Sánchez / El Vigia | Ensenada, BC

Federal Roads and Bridges of Income (Capufe), yesterday presented a technical report in which it is reported that the Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Highway is completely safe, and in the area where cracks were recorded these pose no danger.

The report states that after cracks at kilometer 94 + 940 of the highway detected measurements establish that in that area there is no “accelerations”, ie growth of these cracks were made.During a meeting convened for the status of the motorway, Capufe officials reported that in addition to ongoing technical analysis, are already doing the civil works required to ensure safety at the site.

It also indicates that 33 inclinometers, 16 observation tubes as well as 33 piezometers to measure the different movements, both vertical and horizontal, at specific points of failure were installed, while carried out continuous monitoring to along the Bay of Salsipuedes.

Capufe The report adds that the project has adequate work to stabilize the site 94 + 940- -kilómetro, involving the construction of infiltration galleries, berms and causeway.

Such work is currently done also in the 88-89 kilometers and 90 to give stability to those points. Haran further studies

Also -indicates the Report- at kilometers 94 and 95-96 are currently has projects to implement the same type of study, hoping that once they are validated and authorized the execution of civil works to start brevity.

At the meeting, it was reported that they have also made continuous monitoring at kilometer 93 -point highway that collapsed in December 2013 and then was reconstruido-, with no reports of more landslides or damage highway there.

The meeting was convened by Deputy Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, and her officials present Sidu, SCT, tourism, construction companies and the president of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada, Adrián Olea Mendívil were.


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