Ensenada Shooting

Ensenada, BC – With 400 spectators an armed group stormed a downtown arena last night in this port, where he executed a man nicknamed “El Chino”; however, in the shooting also they killed an 8 year old boy and wounded at least 14 people.
Preliminary information indicates that both victims died when they were treated in various hospitals in the city.
Up to press time the authorities had not issued an official statement, but it was confirmed that 16 men were detained by the state police to surrender his statement on this event.
Furthermore, in the parking galerón that is located in the Reforma Avenue and Esmeralda Axis two fragmentation grenades were found unexploded, so Mexican Army personnel had to evacuate.
It was around 22:30 pm when reported through the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computing (C-4), who had raised a shootout in Palenque called Poker.
One of the witnesses interviewed said that about 400 people were at the event called “Bird Derby Champion of Champions”, when suddenly entered the place a group of at least seven hooded men with guns.
Before shooting, the gunmen shouted they were looking for “El Chino”, who attacked and killed moments later followed by others who were around, including a minor. The members of the commando managed to escape.
All the victims were taken to nearby hospitals, so that police officers quickly mounted an operation to surround the area with patrols, interrupting vehicular traffic by Reforma Avenue and Esmeralda Axis.
Agents came to the site of the Municipal Police, State Ministerial Police (PME), expert services staff, nurses and members of the Navy of Mexico, to search for evidence and the protection of the grenades.
They shoot convenience store
And minutes before south of the urban area it -a 22:17 hours- in the former ejido Chapultepec an armed subject who arrived aboard a sedan vehicle white, fired 21 times against the facade of a shop convenience, later to flee.
The establishment toward the Estero Beach is located, and within three employees, who stated that upon hearing the gunshots rushed to take shelter in the warehouse and cold room were.
Police are investigating whether there is a relationship in both events, which generated an intense mobilization of corporate security in the area of ​​Golden Valley.
However, it is speculated that the shots to the convenience store was a distraction for the command to seven gunmen could attack the arena.


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