Scenic Road Deep Patching

Bajadock: saw this northbound Friday.  Will get photos southbound today/Sunday.  Oh, so this is “deep patching”?  I’m so relieved that they chose not to use the shallow patch modality.
Benjamin Pacheco / El Vigia
Ensenada, BC
Employees of a private company began to arrange a 95 kilometer stretch of the scenic road Tijuana-Ensenada, work yesterday called the attention of drivers due to cracks that were recently detected in place.
On January 12, El Vigia published that said kilometer is one of the high points of instability, that it is reflected in minor cracks and subsidence.
mapa por Bajadock
Other vulnerable points are the 86 + 750, 88 to 89, 90, 91, 94, 95 to 96 and 97 to 98, according to expert opinions gathered at the time.
On the work, on-site staff clarified that is a contest that was tendered in 2015 to place SMA binder; generally, will place the sobrecarpeta from 84 km to 98 + 600, on both sides.
According to data collected in the area, the work is handled by the company Ferhec Chihuahua and more than 20 people participate.
First they fix potholes
Workers first made an asphalt leveling in various sections isolated; then carried deep patching isolated.
Finally, they placed the folder type SMA (“Stone Mastic Asphalt”) containing cellulose fiber, fine material, thick materials, and asphalt content.
“We can not place a new folder in areas with potholes. What we are doing is writing the parties to the folder remains without depression. This work was started on October 20 and ends on April 15.
“Everyone is confused but no, is another thing (…) is for maintenance of the federal government,” said a worker, in consultation about whether the work was associated with some kind of sliding, as happened two years ago in 93 km.

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