Scenic Road Damage News

Bajadock: my October 2014 post was about CICESE fault studies in the area.  Map by me.
Ensenada, BC
95 km, one of the high points of instability Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Road, attracted the attention of various sectors through the cracks and collapses under which records the artery, but until the Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) currently issued official information.
Two years after the collapse of a section of 300 meters at kilometer 93, experts from the Centre for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), warn, once again, risks the weakness of the road.
Luis Mendoza Garcilazo, subject specialist and researcher Cicese specified that the kilometer 95, is one of the points identified as active.
“If the rain continues this winter, will also continue this process of movement and / or mass settlement”, since water is a promoter of the phenomenon, he said.
The specialist said that currently has no share or Cicese collaboration on the issue with Capufe, and said that only in the study of geophysics at three sites; however, the data is delivered to Capufe marked “confidential”.
“That area has active years, is very serviceable;. To be seen how long these cracks arose and how they evolved, but a site identified for years could perhaps be attributed to the rains this reactivation or the manifestation of surface,” he explained.
Garcilaso Mendoza noted that the evidence began circulating since last Sunday, it is also necessary to revise the 90 kilometer.
It addition to this, emphasized that “it is common sense that the less heavy traffic road would be helping also should be considered a low-speed zone.”
Repairs conceal evidence
The geologist Sergio Vazquez stated that “there are sites that have a dynamic that has not stopped. The kilometer 90, 95, even 95 96. The dynamic is not isolated, it tends to bind with 96, and this has several years’ .
However, he said, eventually stops for repairs to be made. At the same time, the pavement markings will determine what the mass movement that is beginning to have major advance over others.
“This is not new, but a continuous and growing evidence that can link to other areas if it is not attended to in time,” he said.
86 + 750
88 to 89
95 to 96
97 to 98
– At kilometer 95, in the area close to 96, and there is infiltration gallery near the beach Saldamando


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  1. bob
    Posted January 12, 2016 at 09:39 | Permalink | Reply

    Maybe the only permanent solution is to relocate the road to go around this troubled spot. That would include purchase of privately held land, and a lot of read building. But in the long run, that may be the least expensive way to go when considering the loss of business (tourism, trucking, etc) resulting from yet another road closure and rerouting. OR bring in CalTrans into the job for consulting. They probably have more experience than any group, in dealing with major highway road collapses, than any other facility that designs, repairs and maintains a network of highly used roads.

    Also, there should be weigh stations that all trucks going to and from Ensenada from the North, are weighed and prevented from continuing their travel until their load is adjusted to the maximum recommended by all involved. It’s a well known joke that truckers overload their trucks, and that has to stop for the safety of all.

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