Pot Hole Pines

"Planting" pines in potholes

Citizens “planted” Christmas trees in potholes. 

Nicté Madrigal, Jotham of Basave / El Vigia
Ensenada, BC –  The poor condition with many of the roads in Ensenada, generated that citizens join in a protest campaign that involves placing the pine Christmas tree or in any of the bumps in the road or area where they live .
Mayor Gilberto Hirata, was asked about it and said, “It’s a part that worries me also I would put a sphere also to every bump.”.
The call
As part of a protest called # OperaciónPinoEns, some citizens have taken to the streets to plant your Christmas tree in the deepest potholes in the city.
Yesterday began to circulate on social networks images of the first steps planted in potholes reading “your pine floor in a rut” followed by the hashtag # OperaciónPinoEns.
The intention, as can be read in the literature, is to appeal to the authorities to the problem of potholes that recent rains have made great dimensions resolved also prevent people from damaging their cars to fall into the pits .
There are resources for patching
Mayor Gilberto Hirata said on Wednesday signed the tender for the purchase of asphalt and special material to cover the bumps when the rain is over.
This, plus the federal resource that is coming for paving streets.
Assure that they are taking the most critical points brigades Municipal Utility.

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