Storm Is Coming


foto por Bajadockensonejan16foreEnsenada Weather Underground 10 day forecast

Ensenada – Authorities of the coastal municipalities of Baja California remain alert to the expected torrential rains that have are forecast to hit the regional coastal areas starting this evening and throughout the week.

In this port city, the head of the Department of Municipal Civil Protection (MCPD), Arturo Granados González announced that in the coming hours the Cold Front number 26 is expected to hit the region and with it will bring cold weather and rain along the jet stream.

“This has the potential to generate a major storm system according to reports from the National Meteorological Service (SMN), which continues to launch preventive measures in what are considered to be high risk areas of the urban area and delegations,” he said.

He explained that the odds of heavy rainfall exceeded 50 percent for the entire next week, in addition a sharp drop in temperatures is forecast along with strong winds.

The San Pedro Martir area is expecting heavy snowfall and frost with temperatures expected to fall to 20-25 degree fahrenheit in the mountainous areas of the municipality.

He added that temporary shelters will be implemented where deemed necessary to provide protection to families who are in danger from the weather forecast.

Granados González called on the population to exercise caution and avoid taking any risks in face of the storm conditions and to take special care in the case of children and the elderly; vulnerable age groups.

In the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, the Municipal Public Security Bureau advised for the general population to take extreme precaution  during the coming rain events to help prevent traffic accidents.

The director of Municipal Public Security, Antonio Olea Joaquín López said that drivers should exercise extreme precaution and allow extra time when traveling to help avoid accidents during the traffic delays that are usually caused by these weather conditions.

He noted that the number of accidents increases during the rainy season and is augmented by reckless driving, speeding on wet pavement, running red lights, and other traffic offenses.

He explained that municipal traffic police will be monitoring the traffic at the usual weather caused congestion points and if anyone should require assistance to use the telephone numbers 066 for emergencies, 089 for anonymous tips and 078 for tourist assistance.


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