Dec 31 Breathalyzers

City officials warned that during the celebration of New Year, a criterion of “zero tolerance” for those who violate traffic regulations or the Edict of Police and Government will apply.
The head of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Enrique Villarreal Montemayor, said preventive measures include the installation of six filters of security in different parts of the city, where the breathalyzer test applies.
The aim is to detect drivers who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages.
In case after the application of this test alcohol concentration exceeding the amount of 0.040mg / l of air expired, based on the provisions of traffic regulations is detected, the vehicles will be secured to prevent any risk to the same drivers as well as damage to third parties.
He stressed that the implementation of the security filters on Thursday 31 December, is in addition to the operation that will continue in neighborhoods of the city through each of the stations.
The police chief explained that the six fixed filters will be established at strategic points of the urban area as well as two mobile filters, which have the ability to move from one point to another in an average of 15 minutes.
“We recommend that you designate a driver who will not drink to celebrate or to stay in their homes if they are to drink, but mainly we recommend not to overdo the alcohol and keep holding year end and a familiar sense of living in harmony “he said.
Preventive action involving more than 64 policemen and 20 units, in addition to routine operation in the different neighborhoods of the city and rural area.

Written by Nicté Madrigal, El Vigia


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