Pancho Claus Lalo Guerrero

Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the casa, mama she was busy preparing the masa to make the tamales for the tamaladas and all the ingredients for the enchiladas. Papa in the front room with all the muchachas was dancing the mambo and doing the cha cha. My brothers and sisters were out in the hall, listening to Elvis singing rock and roll. When all of a sudden there came such a racket, I jumped out of bed and I put on my jacket. I looked out the window and in front of the house, was my old uncle Pedro as drunk as a louse. He ran in the house and he grabbed a guitara and let out a yell “ay ay ay ay” and sang Guadalajara. I was beginning to wonder as I lay there alone, how old Santa Claus was to visit my home. With all of this noise, they would scare him away, when all of a sudden, I hear someone say, “Hah, vamalos, Chucito, arriba! Gordito, Jose! Get up there you bums, or you don’t get no hay!” Then to my wondering eyes did appear, eight cute little donkeys instead of reindeer. They pulled a carreta that was full of toys for all of us good little girls and boys. The fat little driver waved his big sombrero, and said “Merry Christmas, Feliz Ano Nuevo” That means Happy New Year. Then I heard him sing, “I am Santa’s cousin from south of the border. My name’s Pancho Claus and I bring you your order. I hear him exclaim as he drove past the porches, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all Buenos Noches!”


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