Ensenada Cold Front

Ensenada, BC – Due to the entry of two cold fronts in the north, the municipal authorities issued an alert to warn the population of Ensenada on the drop in temperatures for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 December.
Granados Arturo Gonzalez, director of Civil Protection XXI council, said that based on information from the National Weather System and the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), temperatures are expected to fluctuate between 6 and (less) -8 degrees Celsius, ° F with 2 to 5 degrees.
He said that winds of 50 kilometers per hour in the region are presented, causing a sharp drop in temperatures in the urban area, in the mountains, Ojos Negros and Valle de la Trinidad.
He said Sierra de Juarez in temperatures from -10 to -12 degrees Celsius recorded until December 27 morning, so he suggested to Ensenada refrain from visiting the area during these days.
He said that in Trinidad Valley Ojos Negros and minimum temperatures are -4 to -6 degrees Celsius, so he exhorted the people in those regions to take preventive measures in the presence of two cold fronts.

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