Ensenada Hwy 1 Delays


Enjoyed a 30 minute delay on south end of Ensenada yesterday/Sunday afternoon.  3 lanes(or 4 depending on your Mexican driving creativity) southbound were choked down to 1.  Traffic was backed up from just north of Baja Country Club to the Airport.


Vista Motel, beginning of “Tramo de Muerte/Flight of Death” at 180 pesos is an option.  Anyone ever stay there?  Old pavement, much of which had been patched in February 2015, was being scraped up.


Northbound traffic(left) was also backed up, but, guessing only a few minutes delay.  Southbound was diverted into the parallel dirt ditch(right).


Surprised not to see an enterprising taco vendor here.


So where was this party for Sebastian with Micky Mouse on guitar?  Looks like fun.


Note the 10 foot+ drop off from the new pavement to the ditch?  Careful when you come through here when the new smooth pavement encourages 70mph crazies.  No shoulder and 1 small mistake = descansa en paz amigos!

May have been 1/4 mile total driving in the ditch detour.


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