Best 2015 Mexican Wine

vdglimaelporvenirValle de Guadalupe, Baja California, foto por Edgar Lima

The best Mexican wines of the year

Nearly 600 wines produced in Mexico marked the growth of the wine industry in recent years. The “Mexican Wine Guide” Arthur Bodenstet, has become a reflection of the evolution of winemaking country.
Myrna I. Martínez

23/11/2015 Last update 24/11/2015

Bodenstet blind tasted 595 wines, divided by price, he called and made 425 tasting notes. (Courtesy)

Bodenstet blind tasted 595 wines, divided by price, he called and made 425 tasting notes. (Courtesy)

With the incursion of new wineries and wine regions, Wine Guide Mexicanos , of Arturo Bodenstet , has become a reflection of the evolution of winemaking in the country . For the eighth year,Bodenstet tasted blind 595 wines , divided them by price, he called and made ​​425 tasting notes. The specialist said that the guide is not written for winemakers , sommeliers and experts, it is the reflection of your palate and tastes. “My only goal is that people take Mexican wine . I have no preference for a warehouse, the process is objective and partial to the tasting notes are fair. Not about taste by taste to give a score, it’s about understanding what the winemaker wanted to express, “he says in an interview.

“This year there are 40 wineries who first presented their wines. I liked Lechuza, Casta Wine and racking, but there are pleasant surprises, ever better wines are made ​​in the country. ” To the publication, Arturo Bodenstet takes about three months. Asks the first wineries to send their wines of the year, it takes about 30 meetings with a panel of tasters from 10 to 12 people. “We are dedicated to test 15 to 20 wines per session. Tasted wines by price range, never compare an economic one expensive, I maintain respect. ” In the seven years he has published the guide, has also become a thermometer to assess how it has grown thewine industry in Mexico , not only in quantity, also in quality and diversity.


-House Chenin Blanc 2013. Madero Madero.Coahuila
2014. -Cassiopea Cielo. Baja California
Chardonnay 2014. -Lechuza. Baja California
-Space White Chardonnay 2013 Hacienda La Lomita. Baja California
Emeve 2014. -Isabella. Baja California
-Monte Xanic Cristel Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Monte Xanic. Baja California
Sauvignon Blanc 2013.  Roganto. Baja California
Sauvignon Blanc 2012.  Don Leo. Coahuila
-Scielo 2013. Rivero Gonzalez Blanco.Coahuila
-Racking Racking 2012. Selection Blanca. Baja California

“When I first guide in 2008 I learned and registration of 34 wineries, this time I record 179; the first time I tastedc 100 wines, now almost 600. There is a clear growth in the industry and this is reflected in a substantial increase in the quality, “says Arturo Bodenstet . “Every time they are producing more structured wines, more complex, winemakers are more understanding their vines, best known vineyards and are producing better wines. “


San Vicente -Ancón 2012. Regional Wine Ensenada. Baja California
-Anxelin Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. Encinillas.Chihuahua
-Cañada de los Encinos 2012. Vinsur. Baja California. (The best wine of this edition 2015)
- Casta Tinta Syrah 2012. Casta de Vinos. Baja California
-J2 10 2011. Regional Wine Ensenada. Baja California
-Kerubiel 2012. Adobe Guadalupe. Baja California
-Maxixe 2012. Marilena wineries. Baja California
Magoni 2011. -Nebbiolo. Baja California
Nebbiolo 2012. -Lechuza. Baja California
Roganto 2013. -Nebbiolo. Baja California

The author believes that one of the most important points detected during the development of the guide is that are emerging wine regions in Hidalgo, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes. “It was a wonderful experience, to taste all the wines produced in Mexico , to taste them and make an examination, the joke is to be surprised not to have prejudice against Mexican wine , excited and be open to what they are offering winemakers “.


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