Bus Striker SmackDown

City of Ensenada concessions to revoke Carriers

Ensenada, Baja California, Dec. 17. Covered by the Act, the City of Ensenada announced that began the process of revoking concessions to hauliers who discontinued service.

In a statement it was announced that: “The disruption of the public, full or partial service, without cause and without prior authorization, as set out in Chapter 10, Article 59 of Regulation Transit of Ensenada, is the occasion of the commencement of proceedings revocation of licenses and concessions, informed the Secretary General of the XXI City of Ensenada.

Jesus Agúndez Jaime Gonzalez, announced that during the work table with representatives of the protesters, they explained the reason for the start of this procedure, since it failed to comply with one of the items set forth in Regulation of Public Transport.

That determination Agúndez Gonzalez said, makes sense in terms of the sudden suspension last Wednesday in the bus service mobility that left more than 50,000 users.

As a municipal authority, said the Secretary General, has to protect the interests of citizens, making always respect the laws and regulations indicate, so much so that thanks to the efforts and dialogue, this day respectfully entrepreneurs the guild carriers put an end to the suspension of service.

Likewise it was agreed that next Wednesday will be discussed the issue of increasing the rate or the passage, to which period is ruled out another strike like the one that caused various damages in the city.

Such a strike that began around 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 16 left without service to thousands of users and considerable damages to the commercial sector, as nearly 40% of establishments were not open due to lack of staff, sentenced, the Secretary General XXI City of Ensenada, Jaime Gonzalez Agundez Jesus concludes.

waiting for a bus, foto por Edgar Lima



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