Bus Blockade Removed

Wednesday carriers took Av Reforma from 05:00 hours, however, at 18:00 decided to release the blockade.
Although Wednesday at 18:00 were withdrawn units of public passenger transport partially blocked Reforma Avenue and Boulevard Zertuche, there is no guarantee that this service will resume Thursday, acknowledged Jesus Jaime Gonzalez Agúndez.
The general secretary of the City Council, said “with carriers leaders agreed on Thursday a meeting promptly at 10 am to resume the dialogue table.”
He said that “the commitment agreed with carriers is not to block roads again into the city in order to avoid major damages to the population.”
He clarified that carriers would perform briefings leaders in their cooperative last night to try it on the service for Thursday, “however, it does not guarantee that the service is provided”.
“Day to raite”
Meanwhile, social networks were called who have vehicle to show solidarity with those who need the public service, to bring them closer to their workplaces, schools, or whatever their destination.
Recommended place on your windshield, the route followed, so that citizens can “stop”.
Law enforcement
During the meeting between officials and carriers, several of the councilors agreed on the implementation of the law, including the revocation of the concessions to hauliers, from 05:00 pm yesterday, they remained besieged city hall and suspended public service.
Yesterday, at 18:00, without resuming service, they began to move some of the transport units, ie, 13 hours after.
Prior to this action, the social trustee, Felix Ojeda Ortega recalled already raised rates once illegally, no regulation was applied.
Absence criticized
On the absence of Mayor Gilberto Hirata at or throughout the day and remained as chaos, declared that “the reality is that if you became aware of the problem, which started at 05:00 hours, he should not leave. And if He learned later, when the priority is the welfare of citizens, he had to return to the city. “

Written by Nicté Madrigal, El Vigia


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