Ensenada Bus Driver Strike

16 DECEMBER 2015 (AFNTijuana.info) .- Ensenada dawned without public transport as a result of a strike by agreement of the representatives of all the unions are calling for a rate increase.

Because of this “arrest” of activities, hundreds of people were affected by the lack of service, while taxi drivers and called Uber, have been increasing their daily work.

About 400 drivers of minibuses of different lines, paralyzed the traffic-in both senses by the Ensenada-Maneadero road up to the City Hall building in Cypress, but over a thousand drivers kept a vigil on the esplanade Government Center.

Their disagreement is over the refusal of the ticket price increase up to 35% per ticket and the decreasing cost of diesel, that is what would happen to the 10 pesos to 12 pesos 13.50 or minimum. The council announced last week that the matter be reviewed in eight months to consider the increase.

The transport strike affected workers and students who have to get on a minibus, as hundreds of people were unable to get to their destination this day.

Positioning the municipal government

The City of Ensenada, head of Gilberto Hirata said to be against the “strike”, not “overlap” these pressure measurements to the detriment of consumer welfare, so they will take action depending on the damages if necessary.

They emphasize that the municipal government will listen and dialogue with all the “voices and their representatives.” They claim to be for the good service, new and best equipped units, transshipment scheme that saves the user costs, prepared drivers, and users who use this service daily.

According to the report, increased inputs transverse stone that forms part of the request to increase the rate of transport, have affected the “pocket” of entrepreneurs and citizens; however, this demand must be managed and analyzed in “another scenario,” not just the City of Ensenada, as the increase in fuel exceeds municipal powers.


In Ensenada they lie 110 thousand inhabitants, and this day because of the demonstration were injured 50 000 users, ie about 50% of the population.

In school zones 37, 48 and 49, ranging from Golden Valley to Chapultepec, they were affected 5000 students.

40% were closed shops, according to information from the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco).

290 violations and acts of facts raised by the Municipal Transport Unit (UMT).


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