Cuatro Cuatros Zip Line

Maximum speed reached 70 mph, on a height of 80 meters.  Desert Nest Zip Line Facebook

To continue the momentum of adventure tourism, in addition to meeting one of the demands of shipping companies to generate safe tourist products and quality, it was inaugurated yesterday the first stage of the Tyrolean located in the Desert Nest Park Cuatro Cuatros.

 The new attraction is within the residential development located in the delegation of El Sauzal Rodriguez; at that site was conditioned circuit 3.5 kilometers divided into five shots.

 Thus, the first visitor gets a consultancy on the use of a harness and various warning, then use zip lines 800 meters, 500 meters, 750 meters-a pendant-bridge, 500 meters and one kilometer, respectively.

 Is the maximum speed reached 70 mph, on a height of 80 meters above the surface; the closure is an area of ​​olive trees where there is a bar and grill, a place which is reached after two hours of travel approximate, because you also have to travel different paths between each shot.

 Oscar Escobedo Carignan, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, stressed that adventure tourism is the trend, in addition to the new facilities represent an added value that will serve as a place of recreation.

 “We come to strengthen one of the requests of shipping, you have greater product safety and quality. Certainly good value. Today Cuatro Cuatros  is negotiating with shipping to be a product of them,” he said, while highlighting the vision and commitment of capital from investors.

 The state official considered that the product may be used by visitors on weekdays.

Alejandro Llorens, Company Height Parks who was responsible for installing the equipment, said the length of travel.

 “The estimated travel time is two hours, group size, but those will be coming forward on 40 minutes. It is the longest of all California zip” he said.

 Danielle Alvarez of Cuatro Cuatros , said that the park will feature route of horses and bicycles; seven kilometers “hiking” (walking) through the suspension bridge, and a tour in Polaris vehicles.

 The presentation was also attended by Gerardo Riquelme Turrent, CEO of Cuatro Cuatros, and Claudia Camarena, Parks Height partner, as well as other officials and visitors.


Written by Benjamin Pacheco / El Vigia


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