Peso 17.35


Dollar reached 17.35 pesos Pickup

Tijuana, Baja California, Dec. 9. The volatility in the foreign exchange market continued strong and part-time the dollar is sold at 17.35 pesos, higher than the yesterday’s closing figure.

Investors continue restructuring portfolios amid falling oil prices and the imminent rise in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve.

The euro gained six cents against the peso compared to the end of the previous session and has a sale price of 18.87 pesos, while the yen is offered in 0.142 pesos.

Monex Grupo Financiero explained that in Mexico the inflation figures favor gains in the bond market but have little impact on the stock and currency markets.

In turn, he said internationally markets recorded mixed movements after falling by low oil prices and the expected data on US inventories.

The exchange rate to settle liabilities in foreign currency payable in Mexico is 17.0164 pesos, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) indicated in the Official Gazette.

The central bank set rates Interbank Equilibrium Interest Rate (TIIE) at 28 and 91 days at 3.3500 and 3.4525 percent, respectively, both with gains of 0.0100 percentage points.


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