Baja Smithsonian Museum

COVE BC 7 December 2015 (AFN) .- On Monday opened in Ensenada Science Museum and Aquarium Caracol, and her first permanent exhibition, the “room” Earth “, a project for implementation was earmarked for investment more than 120 million pesos, with state resources and multi federation.

The state governor, Francisco Vega de Lamadridg led the inauguration of the building of 7000 584 square meters, which will house an auditorium stages, the aforementioned room, an aquarium, the “Hall of the Sky”, a planetarium, restaurant, offices and spaces for temporary concessions, adding to strategic projects to strengthen cultural and tourism in Ensenada.

The chairman of the board of the museum, David Hiriart Garcia said that in the first stage led to the first permanent exhibition tours and two exhibitions will be offered: “Poles in danger” and “Totoaba Canvas Upper Gulf of California”; and there will be visits to the photographic exhibition “Conservation successes in Baja California.”

The “Living Earth”, he said, includes 19 interactive exhibits whose tours soar to the origins of the Earth, where they will play themes of Baja California as the flora, fauna, energy performance, renewable journey of man in the peninsula seismology, fossils and current water situation.

Before authorities of the three levels of government, members of the scientific community, educational institutions, civil society organizations for education and environmental conservation, school groups and the general public, the state governor cut the ribbon and toured.

Baja Smithsonian Museum


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