Tijuana Airport Bridge


Did you know that when you get to Tijuana International Airport will be able to cross into the United States from December 9 immediately without leaving the premises?


Cross Border Xpress is a Mexico-US company that built a border crossing from inside the Tijuana International Airport until a new commercial development zone in San Diego, California, just across the border.

Anyone with a boarding pass for a flight arrival or departure of the Tijuana airport can use this border crossing. You have a coupon in December and January cost $ 12 per person and this can be paid in advance via internet or on the bridge at the time of the crossing.

How does it work?

 Tijuana to San Diego:  After landing in Tijuana and baggage claim, it is very important to keep the boarding pass from the airline that transported you with him before heading out to the public area of the airport, simply follow the signs that says Cross Border Xpress, US-Mexico border, climb the bridge, pay or make payment receipt, cross the covered bridge and reach the area of Customs and Border Protection on the US side. After passing customs migragión and the output is a terminal building -extension Tijuana Airport in the American-where there will be transportation services to downtown San Diego Union.


From San Diego to Tijuana:  Having an airline ticket, for whatever airline-departing from Tijuana, you can arrive 24 hours before the Cross Border Xpress terminal on the US side, there are automated kiosks for boarding pass, you pay the toll for using the bridge (or the payment shown on the Internet) and crosses to go directly to the area of migration of the Tijuana airport and on the Mexican side, then filter customs SAT is passed and the passenger may go to your gate or go out and do a tour of Tijuana if he arrived several hours early.

How much will it cost?

During December and January will have a promotional rate of $ 12 per person, children under two years are exempt from payment. Since the first of December, tolls may be purchased online at www.crossborderxpress.com . Its operation starts on December 9, will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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