Baja 1000 Photos

The 48th birthday of the late 1000 lived yesterday a party of “folly” boulevard along the coast with the celebration of the mechanical overhaul, featuring a full not looked in years in this event.
Thousands of fans from around the world joined the fifth round of the World, today will wave the green flag with the bikes at 6 am and 11 with the first Trophy Truck Championship 2015 Score International.
A total of 242 teams will take the start this morning, with at least one member from each of the five continents: America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.
The route this year will consist of 821.38 miles, more than 100 road sections will be, to points as Ojos Negros, ejido Uruapan, ejido Erendira, San Quentin, El Rosario, Cataviña, Cocos Corner, Puertecitos, San Felipe, Valley Trinidad, Ojos Negros and Doña Petra Canyon.
Hernandez and Johnson lead
The Tijuana Raul Hernandez will be the first rider on the road, as part of the Unlimited category M / C, where the favorites for the checkered flag are Colton Udall, Mark Eddy Samuels and Max Junior.
Ricky Johnson will be the lucky one who will open the “dance” in the SCORE Trophy Trucks, starting at 11 am on board the new vehicle with AWD system Justin Matney.
Johnson is a living legend of Supercross and one of several celebrities who run this 1000, thinking of a surprise to natural favorites like Robby Gordon, Tavo Vildósola, Rob MacCachren, BJ Baldwin, Bryce Menzies and Apdaly Lopez.
It is expected that the absolute winners of the event made a close at 17 hours; all participants have 33 hours to arrive at the goal, same which will be located on Boulevard Costero.
The “Eternal” Hall extended his record
Rod Hall will celebrate its 78th birthday on November 22, but advanced to extend his record this day as the only rider who has participated in all editions of 1000 miles.
The US will handle a Hummer H1 with his son Chad, Mike Winkler and French Damien Michelin in the Stock Full and the mind set to extend his reign as the race winner.
There are now 22 victories Rod Hall in the so-called “Classic of November”, but since 2012 can not celebrate a victory this weekend and is the ideal place to end his drought hits date.
Off-Road Guide
What: Edition 48 of the Baja 1000
Number of participants: 242
Route: 821.38 miles
Time limit: 33 hours
Number of checkpoints 7
Start time
First motorcycle
6:00 am
First Trophy Truck
11:00 am
Figures to follow: Robby Gordon, Colton Udall, Tavo Vildósola, Apdaly Lopez, Lalo Laguna, Rod Hall, Rob MacCachren, Larry Connor and Bryce Menzies.
Participating countries


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