Ensenada Waterfront Development


In the remainder of the year, the Tourism Ministry will allocate a higher 20 billion in Ensenada, for actions in El Porvenir, San Quentin investment, the tourist area of ​​Ensenada and the Caracol Museum, Oscar Escobedo Carignan said.
Among the projects mentioned module tourist information Valle de Guadalupe, with an investment of 1.5 million pesos.
In the same area, he said, a million and a half pesos for the executive project to improve urban image of El Porvenir will apply.
Care center visitors in the Wine Museum, improved roads, nomenclature, underground wiring, among other things contemplated.
The official said San Quentin amounting to 6.5 million pesos was spent to build a stretch of road transpeninsular Muelle Viejo.
In this work, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), is investing an additional $ 3 million.
Another 10 million pesos for the Caracol
Tourism Minister stated that “just given extraordinary support and unplanned at Caracol Museum, in the amount of 10 million pesos.”
The goal, he said, is to start the equipment and the mood of the second room and complete with everything you need to equip the first room.
In the case of the Board of Sky, it is only preparing to bring museology.
Recall that in addition to this figure, the congressman said Wenceslao Santos Martinez and manages 19.5 million pesos for the Caracol Museum in the 2016 budget.
If approved, public resources provided for that work will be of about 150 million pesos.
A few months ago, Escobedo Carignan said that if the Caracol Museo not put into operation one of its rooms or spaces enabled for 2015, 2016 will not be financed.
He recalled that the state government has allocated more than 120 million pesos to this project; only in 2015, they will be allocated about 17 million pesos.
photo, center, Ensenada’s white elephant, aka Museo de Caracol.
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