Ensenada Road Fix Budget


file photo: tramo de muerte, Chapultepec-Maneadero


Ensenada, Baja California, October 8. Projects by about 2 thousand 400 million pesos were admitted by the mayor, Gilberto Hirata, the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2016 Exercise.

The Director of Public Investment, René Nuza Rios explained that the proposals were delivered on time and to various committees of the Congress, which dictate them before the end of the month.

He stressed that timely follow-up given to these projects progress recorded in commissions, because the set goal is to get the funds needed to achieve them.

René said Nuza in tourism rehabilitating roads of the first frame of the city, such as the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Obregon streets are entered; besides the construction of a handmade square and a dining area in the Social Centre, Civic, Cultural Riviera de Ensenada.

Those related to the environment, said folders with proposals for the acquisition of garbage trucks, trucks with basket for street lighting, sweepers, equipment for fighting forest fires and resource for updating the Atlas of Municipal Risk surrendered .

He stressed that in terms of road infrastructure works referred to in the Maneadero-Punta Colonet, Maneadero-La Bufadora, Puertecitos-Laguna Chapala and sections transpeninsular-Highway Molino Viejo in San Quentin.

The official stressed that the Commission of Municipal Development priority projects were entered, as in the case of the first stage of the Chapultepec-Maneadero road, extending the Coastal Boulevard, construction and equipment Substation Fire in the colony New Age San Quentin; and the construction of road bridge El Gallo, among others.

He noted that in sports work rehabilitation of more spaces for physical activation and healthy recreation in different municipalities, construction of soccer fields, baseball and gyms equipped, for example the ‘Cali’ in San Quentin is found, charro canvas in the Mission and a skatepark.

Nuza Rios said that the Committee on Culture and Cinematography support for the construction and equipping of the House of Culture of Ensenada and the Delegation of El Sauzal is requested; Historical Archive rehabilitation and construction of the third stage of the Model Library Vista Hermosa, including funding for festivals to promote culture and the arts.


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