Ensenada Nude Beach


Ensenada, 6 November.- The sandy tongue of Punta Banda and the area known as Playitas could be the first nudist beaches of Baja California, where the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) approves a request by a civil group .

The request was made by the WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) Ensenada group headed by Gerardo Soto through a letter addressed to the Director General of Federal Maritime Zone and Coastal Environments of the federal agency, Mariana Boy Tamborrell.

“Because the highest concentration of beach tourism is in Ensenada, the appointment of a naturist beach in the municipality that is suitable for all age groups in a familiar environment means desirable. In European countries are increasingly more common this type of sites predominates respect and improved self-esteem, because taboos and prejudices are left behind, “says the letter.

He argued the economic potential of such authorization.

“Naturism has been done by American tourists, especially the state of California, on the beaches of Baja California from the hippie era, that is, since the end of 60. Although this practice declined from the year 2000 in Current time an upturn that allows us to predict that alternative tourism is important to the economy of the region in the coming years is observed. Evidence of this is the number of swimmers who can be seen on the beach ‘Black Beach’ in La Jolla, California, just 20 km from the border with Tijuana, being the busiest nudist beach in the American union. ”

The document states that the Baja California have been quietly practicing nudism in isolated and rarely visited beaches south of the town: “The Baja California naturists are already a significant community participation.”

Gerardo Soto considered that Mexican society has gone slowly, leaving prejudices against practices involving naked body.



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