Food Truck Festival

Fine dining and a family atmosphere was enjoyed during the first Craft Festival food trucks, which framed the celebrations for the 85th anniversary of the cultural center"They park" flavor in the Riviera

Fourteen trucks fitted out as mobile kitchens, offered variety of food and drinks to attendees.

As part of the celebrations to mark the 85th anniversary of opening of the now Social Centre, Civic and Cultural Riviera, it was held yesterday the “1st. Craft Festival of Food Trucks”.
The meeting was organized in the parking lot of the former Hotel Riviera Pacific site you came lot of people to know the gastronomic show developed from within fourteen trucks fitted out as mobile kitchens, plus enjoy children, cultural areas Brew positions.
Mario Cesar Lamadrid Garcia, director general of the center, said that the celebration of family type was enlivened by Keila Lencioni, Padma Khandro, Ballet Latin Rhythms of the House of Culture of Ensenada, Zoom, the singer Alberto Angely Pilot Tijuana groups and Midi.
“The goal is that the vast family knows Ensenada different options in this mode, and now join them. We are doing it as a first sign that we want to do, the last Sunday April next year, but at the state level.
“We want to organize the second largest and invite other cities like Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and also festival We have great potential in the parking lot. It is huge and it is not given much use,” he said.
The official said that part of the gastronomic offer included Chilean food, breakfast, burgers, steaks, potatoes and sandwiches, sushi, French food, stew tacos, hotdogs, pizza stone, and pies, to name a few, at a time from 12:00 to 20:00.

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