New Ensenada Water Wells?

Bajadock:  above photo was from 31 May 2014 celebration of supposed fix for Ensenada water woes.  Seems as if there is a new water project/plan/speech every month.  Muchas palabras pero poco agua.
With an investment of nearly 2 billion pesos for 230 meters depth of the wells Doña Petra Canyon, State Public Service Commission of Ensenada (CESPE), expected a capacity of 40 liters per second of the source water.
Arturo Alvarado Gonzalez, director of Pemex, said the well will be re-equipped, which currently only being generated an average of 30 liters per second of that site.
Although there were intentions to rent or purchase a well in the area that would draw Maneadero of 40 liters per second, Arturo Alvarado said that there was no agreement with the owners.
He noted that this amount would be used to supply the south, however, being an area “where we have minor problems, no impact is generated”.
The Northeast, the Lomitas up, remains the biggest problems facing.
Regarding the aqueduct of reverse flow, the director said CESPE being received between 60, 80 and up to 100 liters per second, but “sometimes we do not get anything.”
These volumes have contributed to the decline in complaints by up to 40 percent in the past two weeks.
The official emphasized that they are looking for more viable alternatives for continuing supply problems, especially in the northeast sector and highlands.
Wells Doña Petra Canyon, were put into operation on May 31, 2014, with an investment of 25 million pesos, the expectation was to generate a capacity of 130 liters per second; Ensenada would supply for 15 years.
The amount was used for drilling wells to a depth of 110 meters, and generate electrificarlos cables of 4.5 kilometers.



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