Ten Tijuana Food Surprises

10 dining surprises in Tijuana
Its prime location is catapulting Tijuana as one of the most important culinary powerhouses.
5 October 15
Monica Isabel Perez
Photos by Dorian Ulises Lopez

1. Tijuana makes me hungry
It started as a hobby and now is already a project to follow, faithfully, at least 25 thousand people. One day, Carlos Gomez Sotelo, a great lover of food Tijuana, opened a Facebook group to discuss, with their friends, the gastronomic news that was. More Tijuana, and some other cast, began to request access and today no longer cope, so your project will become, very soon, in a digital platform that will go beyond the social network.

With TMMH, Carlos has organized to food festivals, so the growth of the insurance community will bring pleasant surprises for their city. While the transformation happens, what it is in the -debates group, suggestions, news-is, by far, the best reference for those seeking tips for eating well in Tijuana. Facebook: Tijuana makes me hungry .

2. The move from food trucks
The situation was this: there were many chefs and few restaurants so that everyone could be used. Each also had a different proposal, it was hard to know what to do to develop their talent without having to make a large economic investment required to open a restaurant. The solution was the food trucks , a trend that began across the border, but that will sit well with the new talents of Tijuana.

Many food trucks together can share the land rental payments and services, resulting in lower infrastructure costs and more investment in commodities, which ensures excellent dishes. The Rib Shop , with its ribs, sausages smoke , cakes and chilaquiles of The Truck We are among the best representatives of the trend.

3. Beer
In Tijuana about 100 craft beer labels are produced, but also their neighbors in Tecate and Mexicali coexist amicably in the same brewery, which makes the supply increases so much so that one can take a different beer each day of the year. Increasingly they arise more tasting rooms where it is possible to start in what already seems a religion or, at least, a sect. Among the best are the beer Tijuana -perhaps most famous for being the namesake of the city, Beer (within Telefónica Gastro Park) and Fauna (of beer from Mexicali, located in Plaza Fiesta) . All captive.

4. And Coffee
Just as there is a cult of Tijuana beer, there for coffee. More and more producers and specialty cafes arise. Among the best are Caffe Sospeso , which provides various cafes, but has itself to offer the best version of the beans that your coffee hunter goes to look around the world and be prepared with nine different methods ( dripper , siphon , Eva Solo, Silverton, Aeropress, Chemex, cold yama , French press and espresso), Das Cortez , whose quality standards have already become chain (there are at least five in the city) and La Stazione , whose baristas seem be born with a special gift to prepare this drink . They use coffee origin, different processing methods and also have extensive and creative menu that offers coffee for different moods or different times of the day; capri with lavender and pistachio is a must, but a cappuccino suffices to note that there know what they do.

5. The hidden treasure
In the Plaza Rio shopping center, near the cinema, just an area where rapid, boring and generally -for what junk food is installed, inhabits the counterpart of the offer: Market Foodgarden a food court with real and extraordinary food, prepared by some of the most talented chefs of Tijuana . Highlights include the mini version Hedgehog , the restaurant chef Javier Plascencia, where besides hedgehog and oysters you can eat delicious tacos governor, and Rotisserie San Roman , chef Martin San Roman, where one roasted chicken stew well tender and juicy. To this already magnificent collection they will be adding more stores to supply grow and Tijuana gourmets (which are practically all the inhabitants of the city) can satisfy their urge to eat as they should at prices that surprised as accessible .

6. Collective 9
They regard themselves as “street food” and is about nine local concentrated in one place: a passage from strategically located on Avenida Revolucion , with urban-contemporary twist. Are pies 19/87 , Beirut Lebanese food, Mexican of Chalita, burgers Burgers Indie which qualify as delicious- fuckin , ceviches La Martina, Japanese delicacies in Ta Ta Mi , burritos Burrito TJ Shop and could not miss, craft beers in barrels to accompany the order. colectivo9.com

7. Finca La Carrodilla (Valle de Guadalupe)
The Pérez Castro, owner of the winery La Lomita family, was not satisfied with the excellent wines bottled under his now famous label. They wanted to go for more and fulfill a dream: to have a certified organic vineyard whose results came from the practice of biodynamic agriculture.

The project, smaller in size but more demanding in thoroughness, was baptized Finca La Carrodilla . They are seeking sustainability in production and construction. They are dedicated, primarily, to care for the soil, since this depends on good grapes that are harvested. They tempranillo, cabernet, chenin blanc and shiraz.

He highlights its wine and sweet-singing-young Moon, three varietal mix of red . Your graphic identity also cause an effect on who gets to their wines; full of astral motifs, reminiscent onirismo Remedios Varo, but not for pure aesthetic whim: in biodynamic farming, the moon and the stars also do their part to make these delicate wines possible.

8. The tacos waves (between the Valle de Guadalupe and Ensenada)
Throughout the region there are dozens of options for tacos Ensenada style, but makes the Güera, at kilometer 93 of the highway connecting the Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada, are spectacular . This little job is a source of wonder. The shrimp tacos are delicious, but traditional fish on floured tortilla under cabbage, lemon drops and salsita are delusional.

9. Traslomita (Valle de Guadalupe)
Again, La Lomita has a surprise reveal: restaurant recently premiered Traslomita , led by the young chef Humberto Avilés , graduated from the Culinary Art School in Tijuana. The space is located between the vineyards; it is simple and, as a result, captivating. With this landscape you will not need more than a table and a chair either to have the best decor.

No claims of nothing but to invite diners to watch while enjoying good wine and food honest and blunt preparing Humberto, who has set as its main purpose always cook with local produce. “To create the idea I decided menu that the best he could do was to adapt to the environment, which offered us the garden, to do nothing that would imply change what had already around us,” she says. The roast chicken (of ultracrujiente) skin, guacamole with cilantro flowers and desserts made ​​with freshly harvested lavender make you not want to leave here ever.

10. The Lower Boxes
The original idea is -amante Mauricio Parra food and native of Ensenada and is “locking” the best of Baja California in a box that can reach any corner of the world. Usually they use, mostly companies looking to delight their customers, but not the rule: anyone can give Baja boxes. They are made ​​of wood and its content is made ​​up gourmet products from small producers in the region.

There are three modes: Baja Mar, lowland and Baja Peninsula, each with different specialties. As their names imply, the first contains products from the seas around Baja California; the second, of the fruits of their land, and the third is a wonderful fusion of the two. Each includes a bottle of wine to enjoy and oils, sweets, salt and canned arranged inside. There are kits for 415 pesos.




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