Flight of Death Improvement?

Works by more than 700 million pesos to Ensenada, were confirmed by the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) Mayor Gilberto Hirata.
The mayor said that during his meeting on Thursday with the director of the Center SCT, Alfonso Padres Pesqueira, the federal official stated that it has provided for the modernization of the section Chapultepec-Maneadero (“flight of death/tramo de muerte”; map #1 below), with a amount of 480 million pesos.
In addition, he said, an investment of 160 million pesos for the passage was scheduled to unevenness El Gallo-Node road Esmeralda and Reform.
The mayor said that is planned one second overpass Iron and Reform in the street, where they intend to exercise 120 million pesos.
The mayor said Ensenada insist that count on an alternate route to the scenic road, at the height of Bajamar(map #3 below), so he asked the SCT project costs are defined.
He also argued that the petition was even handed the record, the road from Chapultepec to Jaramillo.
Other projects are defined below Puertecitos-Chapala stretch, and Lazaro Cardenas Jaramillo and Ensenada-Tecate highway section, 2016.
Nothing for Bypass
The mayor lamented that so far has not been programmed budget for the completion of the Bypass El Sauzal-Maneadero(map #2 below); in this regard, he mentioned that require about 350 million pesos to conclude it.
He said that along with local entrepreneurs will travel to Mexico City to insist that resources be allocated to this work and can be exercised in 2016.
Gilberto Hirata stated that already manages a meeting with Undersecretary of Infrastructure of the SCT, Raul Murrieta Cummings.
Slow work
From 2008 to date have invested 895 million pesos in the bypass 18.9 kilometers in addition to soil works, drainage, signs and complementary works, the construction of a viaduct account for one more kilometer 300, with a length of 171 linear meters that will connect the bypass road to the Ojos Negros.
Only in this work 100 million pesos were invested, it consists of 42 columns and 36 meters high and three clear that will host four lanes.
Bypass figures:
Year Length (Km) Investment (mp)
2008 5.5 70
2009 0 0
2010 0 0
2011 4.86 193.70
2012 1.74 115
2013 2.4 76.70
2014 2.4 163.60
2015 2 166

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