Cuatro Cuatros Zip Line

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An ecological project adds to the ecotourism offer of Ensenada. This is the new Parque de Aventura Desert Nest Zip Line Tour located in Cuatrocuatros, located at Kilometer 89, Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada.

The recreation center is done in conjunction with the Mexican firm Parques de Altura and begin operating in November; The first stage will involve an investment of 10 million pesos, while the second will be 5 million and will include various attractions, aerial challenges, bridges, among others.

In coexistence with media, Jorge Hernandez Navarro, director of public relations for Cuatrocuatros, said the company has a thousand hectares for the realization of the park and is developed with the aim of offering citizens a different option and tourism.

It will also include three hotels; the first is in the process of rehabilitation and will be operated by Grupo Habita from June 2016.

"We have thousand hectares to do, but the vast majority of the site will remain intact, we must make the most," he said.

The Desert Nest Zip Line Tour in its first stage will provide the opportunity to practice zip line, an experience full of adrenaline that includes five zip lines with extensions 800, 500, 750, 500 and 950 meters, resulting in a total length of 3 thousand 500 meters, as discussed during the site visit.

The tour lasts approximately one hour, depending on group size, which can be up to 30 people, from children to adults.

The scroll speed can reach up to 70 kilometers per hour, according to the weight of the person, which is recommended to be 35 to 90 kilos. For this activity, interested parties should wear shoes, comfortable clothing, sunscreen and a hat or cap.

Parques de Altura company has 20 years in the industry and has mounted parks throughout Mexico and the world.

"It meets all the characteristics and activities are 100 percent safe. For the Tyrolean now a cable to an automatic braking is used.

"Every person who will use health insurance, responsive letter, medical card and a paramedic," said Claudio Camarena instructor.

Meanwhile, Eugenio Vettoretti said the company adopts international insurance rules.
"We adopt rules approved by the European community, for example International Union of Alpinists. There is much opportunity for this activity but many people do not because of ignorance or fear, but this proposal has adequate security," he explained.
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