Five Can’t Miss Wineries

5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Valle de Guadalupe

Visiting the Valley of Guadalupe is one of the best experiences to discover oenology of Mexico. Tijuana, Rosarito, the Valle de Guadalupe and finally Ensenada, are places that definitely have to consider for a good roadtrip.

On this occasion and rightly Wine Harvest Festival, we make a list of 5 wineries in the Guadalupe Valley, all with a story special and reveal secrets that will leave love to anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine and fresh seafood with a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere.


Hotbook | 5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Guadalupe Valley | hotsnack hotdrink One of the best wineries in the Valley designed. Under the architectural proposal Arq. Alejandro Da Costa, this self-sustaining wine was awarded one of the best projects 100,000 Latino America for its proposal to save water and energy, in addition to a project for indigenous communities. One of its wines, Nada, was among the 30 best Mexican wines in 2012. This underground wine becomes amust for any wine lover, architecture and design.

D. Ensenada-Tecate Highway KM 81, Rancho Santa Lucia, San Antonio de las Minas

T. (646) 206 13 33


Hotbook | 5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Guadalupe Valley | hotsnack hotdrink She: architect and he: civil engineer; the brothers Martinez continued the family project, giving it a unique touch to the Relief wine, where the fusion of architecture, design, food and wine make the perfect combination. White wine and rose wine are a delight. Mix, the new gastronomic family, gives the perfect finishing touch. The marriage of ceviche and white wine, make the Valley heat to become a aspect for a perfect evening.

D.Granate, 22766 San Antonio de las Minas

T. (646) 178 6650


Hotbook | 5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Guadalupe Valley | hotsnack hotdrink If you are looking for exotic, funny, daring and adventurous cuisine, the cuisine of Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, creator of the concept Bajamed , will be a revelation. In one of the most important vineyards in the Valle, La Cetto, is the restaurant La Esperanza; the menu of the day is what the chef hunted or fished the same morning, difficult as it may seem. A fully open kitchen, where you can see how they prepare each dish. An organic garden and a cooler where they leave the meat to age, are the characteristics that give this kitchen unique touch. The Bajamed kitchen, if you stay the course, is a fusion of Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. We recommend the venison risotto, the shots of seafood, Madagascar tuna and marinated duck tacos, but that is definitely not to be missed tatemando octopus. Enjoy the view of the valley and let this cuisine will win you over.

D. Km. 73.5 Carretera Tecate-El Sauzal

T. (664) 648.1267

HOPELA Bajamed


Hotbook | 5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Guadalupe Valley | hotsnack hotdrink We recommend you visit in the evening, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful views. The second floor, where they have a beautifully designed garden is the perfect place. They have their own garden and wine produced on the farm, so are the Stars , it is one of the premium wines and a real treat for lovers of red.This is one of the few biodynamic wine and the construction site is a fusion of contemporary design without totally eliminating campirano touch.

D.Parcela 99 Z1 P14, Ejido El Porvenir, Ensenada

T. (646) 156 8052



Hotbook | 5 WINERIES you can not miss in the Guadalupe Valley | hotsnack hotdrink

How about a ride through the vineyards? 20 years ago began this project with her ​​husband , Tru Miller, a character that you conquer the minute. In addition to producing wines of excellent quality, this estate is a B & B with 6 luxury rooms, a school for practitioners of tourism, hospitality and wine and is one of the riding schools offering equine and one of the horse farms of Race Azteca, the largest in the country. Starting with a vineyard for friends, now the project is a complete experience. Its wines and craft beer, under the design of Sebastian Beltran and winemaker, Daniel Lonnberg, tell a special story you’ll want to take them all and keep them for collection. We recommend the Uriel, who has 7 varieties of grapes in a bottle.

D. Plot A-1 S / N, Russa Guadalupe

T. (646) 155 2094



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