5 Baja Food Trucks

There is no better way to understand the culture of a region to try their street food. And California is no exception: cities like Tijuana and Ensenada reveal its cuisine influenced by fishing and agriculture, wine and various ethnic groups, giving it a multicultural and eclectic identity of Asian ingredients, Mediterranean and Mexicans with that arise a variety of dishes they work with young chefs who have revolutionized the way people eat in the street. Together with our friends Expedia.mx , Todos Santos presents its selection of food trucks that you must try to discover the true cuisine BC street. * * * * *crete

Eating in Creta is as enjoy a barbecue in the Valle de Guadalupe. The fresh and seasonal product CRETA inspires the chef Oswaldo Flores “Rasta” to give a rustic touch to your dishes, as demonstrated with this cutting roast pork on mashed sausage, stewed season vegetables and leaves.
The key is to show the simplicity of a person familiar kitchen garden, a formula that makes this food truck a must to eat in Tijuana.

Creta’s countryside cuisine Quickly Brings up images of a BBQ afternoon at Guadalupe Valley: generous, tender meat cuts and grilled, quality farm-fresh vegetables are chef Oswaldo Flores’ specialty.
Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, Flores’ interpretation of Baja street cuisine is a fusion of Asian spices, premium meats and locally-sourced vegetables, like we see in esta sausage grilled pork with puree and seasonal vegetables with pesto, Which Makes a must-go CRETA destination if you’re in downtown Tijuana.

Telephone Gastropark
Av. Ocampo # 2036
Tijuana, BC
f / facebook.com/cretaft

Don ramen


Creating the chef Adria Montaño (Mission 19), Don Ramen stands out as the first Ramen on wheels in Tijuana, whose creative interpretation of Asian cuisine is full of influence of street food in the city.
The specialty is the Ramen, especially in mixtures with pork marinated and kimchi, but also highlight the noodles cucumber with crispy fried rice, stir-fried with kimchi rice and delicious steamed bun with pork marinated, which are some of the proposals to try This food truck, which has quickly gained the attention of foodies Tijuana.
Created by chef Adria Montano Known for her work as Javier Plascencia’s sous chef at Mission 19, Don Ramen is Garcia’s creative interpretation of some of her favorite Asian cuisine dishes, with a touch of Tijuana’s street food flair and the quality of Baja ingredients.
Ramen is the house specialty, of course, but there’s a great selection of highlights, Including Noodles with crunchy cucumber rice, sautéed or fried rice with kimchi With the new marinated pork steamed buns,
Quickly Which Have Tijuana garnered the attention of foodies.

Telephone Gastropark
Av. Ocampo # 2036
Tijuana, BC
f / facebook.com/DonRamentj


There is no better relaxing break in the Wine Route to enjoy the vineyards and angelic Adobe Guadalupe wines that enjoy tapas, sandwiches or salads of this food truck. A crowd favorite is the Shrimp and Language picosito, served with baby potatoes and spices, and is best enjoyed with a glass of Uriel, Adobe rose wine or with an ice cold beer Stella Artois.

If you’re all about spending an easygoing evening with your partner or with family while admiring Adobe’s vineyards, You could do no better than enjoy the Adobe food truck’s tapas, salads or sandwiches, or better yet, indulge in the spicy & tender world of picosito the cover, a combination of tender beef tongue, tasty shrimp and potatos, paired with a glass of Rosé from Uriel Adobe Guadalupe winery or a nice, cold Stella Artois in one of the best food trucks Low around.

Inside Adobe Guadalupe | Guadalupe Valley | Ensenada, BC | f / facebook.com/foodtruckadobe


This sealed tuna with risotto and roasted vegetables could well stand out in a restaurant menu level, but the pleasure to test it in a food truck makes it even more surprising.

The chef Humberto Izquierdo has gained notoriety in the circuit thanks to Tijuana street food dishes such as rack of lamb, octopus and tuna and shrimp zandareado and its star dish, grilled duck.

I t would not be a surprise to find esta delicious grilled tuna with vegetables and risotto dish in a fancy restaurant’s menu, but tasting it in a food truck Low Gives it quite a merit.

Chef Humberto Izquierdo has Gained notoriety in Tijuana’s food truck scene thanks to dishes prepared with lamb, octopuss and tuna, as well as STI famous grilled duck with vegetables. You can taste it at the food court just across Macroplaza Tijuana.

Riverwalk 6642
Point Food Trucks
Tijuana, BC
f / facebook.com/musmonfoodtruck

This food truck features excellent and generous sandwiches and handmade burgers, as this Tijuanense, with more than 150 grams of beef, grilled onions, cilantro pesto and cheese, designed to please all diners.

Another favorite of foodies is the braised rib sandwich, sauteed Portobello, creamy guacamole and onion tanned, 100% recommended for a ravenous hunger, says the chef Itz Miranda.

SOBRE RUEDAS artisanal generous burgers are definite crowd pleasers, like this Tijuanense more than 1/4 pound Burger, made ​​with grilled onion, cilantro pesto and cheese.

Another local favorite is the grilled pork shoulder sandwich with sauteed portobello mushrooms and creamy guacamole, 100% recommended for voracious appetites, Itz chef says Miranda.

Telephone Gastropark
Av. Ocampo # 2036
Tijuana, BC
f / facebook.com/sobreruedaskco


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